Friday, 5 April 2019

#NineForTheWeekend Where Susan Midwood lets us into a few secrets...

Hi all. 

This week, my pretty please pleading has worked on Sue. Ex PE teacher, happily retired and never at home, I pinned her down long enough to get these nine facts from her.

Nine for the Weekend

Over to you Sue

I can usually finish the Times crossword.

Fish is my favourite food.

I hate ironing. (So do I—Raven)

Dentists freak me out.

I am often number one on the leader board at the gym. 

I have to have flowers in the house or it feels empty.

I love using herbs in cookery. 

I wish I could sing—and draw, but not necessarily together) 

I love watching cookery programmes.

Thanks Sue, lots of things in common there, except I rarely finish the Times crossword without asking for help.

And I'd add to that list... you love going away to somewhere warm as well...

Happy reading everyone,

love Raven xx

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