Friday, 12 April 2019

#NineForTheWeekend Nine fantastic facts about author Jaqueline Snowe (and they are great)

Today, #NineForTheWeekend come from Jaqueline Snowe, and they are great...

Over to you Jaqueline...

Nine random facts about Jaqueline Snowe:

The thought of writing about myself was weird--writing about characters is more my thing and I tend to clam up when asked questions about myself...especially my writing. 

1. My husband works for an MLB team so i know WAY more about baseball than anyone ever needs to. (Also lets me write sports romances with a lot of realness to them)

2. I lived in Barcelona for a year, working and going to school, and got pickpocketed six days before heading back home to the US.

3. Back before "Twitter famous" was a thing, I posted a picture of my parents dog stroller (before they were even remotely normalized) and it gained A LOT of attention

4. I taught HS for six years and loved every second of it.

5. My favorite songs to Karaoke are "It's Tricky" and "Crazy Bitch" (I'm an AWFUL singer)

6. When I write NA college-based romances, 99% of the time I write about classes I actually took or "tried" to take when I went to school. I found it easier to write about a subject I experienced!

7. I'm a total panster of a writer. I've written first draft of books in a month, other times, three months, or a year. I also write in spurts and will do 20k a weekend, and then not write for another 2 months. It's chaotic but I love it.

7a. I also tend to work on 3-4 WIP at the same time. 

8. I never write about people I know in my books, BUT, I do use my friends and family member's names for characters who make one or two appearances. 

9. My favorite tropes of all time are enemies to lovers. 
They are my favorite to write and read! I cannot get enough.  
Fake-relationship tropes though are a close second...Funny enough, my latest release, The Game Changer, is a fake-dating story where my May 7 release, 
Evening the Score, is enemies to lovers. 

I guess I stay on brand most of the time. 

To find out more information on any of my sports romances, just visit my website 

(Brilliant facts, and I've added more books to my holiday reading—R)

Happy reading everyone,

love Raven xx

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  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity! It was fun to come up with those!!