Monday, 8 April 2019

The Gluten Free Author's guide to goodies or not.Or ... pondering on labels

Morning all, 

I'm writing this, at some early hour, drinking coffee and pondering the label on the cereal. 

Not the cereal I can eat, though not that long go I did. Then either they changed the recipe and it's no longer below the codex index, or I got extra super sensitive. Because on holiday a while back, I was eating said cereal, and I was ill. So ill, one day I had to go back to bed. 

Lovely hubby came in waving the packet, and said, "I think you've been poisoning yourself."

More than a slight exaggeration, but I got the gist. There, on the list of ingredients was 'wheat flour.'

I swore a bit and went out and bought the cereal with 'gluten free' emblazoned on the front.

Since I've had to cut gluten out, I have read labels religiously. Checked and double checked. Looked up what certain words mean, made sure anything is gluten free or below the codex limit.

Been ultra careful.

But, I guess it's easy to just assume something is okay if it used to be. There's a gravy mix that was gf, then wasn't now is again. It's enough to make you dizzy.

Thankfully these days there is a much better choice than even five years ago. The Gluten free shelves now cover twelve foot instead of two. (Some companies have even done the make them and stop because they say whatever it is doesn't sell. I mourn Genius croissants) 

There's more than one brand of bread and no longer is it so heavy, that if you threw it, it would kill a sparrow at ten paces (As my gran would have said) Biscuits taste 'like biscuits'. Scotch pancakes by whatever name taste as I remember them) You don't need to struggle and cuss with home made pastry, and so on.

But even with all that you still have to be vigilant.

Labels are my new best friend. But oh how I wish they didn't need to be.

Happy eating,

love Raven xx

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