Sunday, 21 April 2019

#SundaySnippet with a bear and a problem

Hi all,

It's a short snippet today from a story the lovely Doris O'Connor and I started when she went into hospital, to as she said when I reminded her we'd got an idea for a shifter...'take her mind off things'.

Sadly Doris passed away before we finished it, but hopefully I've done us both proud, by getting to the end, and submitting it. Just hope now it's accepted.

Bare Alley Ink

The Tattoo Artist's Mate

~The door to the shop blew open with a bang that rattled the windows nearby as a sudden gust of wind blew through the aperture and lifted a sheaf of drawings from the desk. They fluttered around like overlarge confetti and landed in a haphazard heap on the floor.
“Dammit, I should have shut that back door earlier,” Gaspar said with a growl that would put the fear of god into anyone who wasn’t on his side. “Sodding through draft, especially when the back alley’s like a wind tunnel. You could test a jumbo jet in there and…. what the fuck.”
Gaspar couldn’t have stopped the animalistic growl that rumbled out from his chest if his life depended on it, and he wasn’t sure he hadn’t grown a few inches too, because the scent on that breeze….
It couldn’t be, yet his bear responded to the call in the wind with another deep, menacing growl, which shook the floorboards and made the bell above his shop door go into spasms.
It was her, the woman he’d been with in her sleep. The woman he yearned for had wet dreams about and knew was his. She’d come to him.~

happy reading,
love Raven xx

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