Thursday, 18 April 2019

#evernighties Family, friends and pets I've written into my books...

What's the saying? If you're not careful I'll put you in a book?

 Is this where I do a wicked evil grin?

Well, maybe not. Because of course there is more than one way to put friends, family or pets into a book. And acquaintances, arch enemies or simply people who get up your nose.

Openly where they know, are happy and pleased to see you have used their names, life, jobs, characteristics and so on. (Though I'm not sure how you ask a pet...well not all of them wink)

(Pic, pinterest)

And then where you don't use their names but base someone on them. Probably unpleasant because of something they have done and this way you can vent your spleen without getting into trouble.

That is very satisfying. And doesn't get you sent to gaol because only you know that say the tall, geeky looking guy called Fred in your book is really an arsehole called something else. (and in real life might be neither tall or geeky)

With other people it can be something else. A way of saying thank you for something. Of remembering.

For instance, my book, Bombers Moon has parts based on stories my mum told me about when she as a young girl was evacuated with her employment from London to Northamptonshire. The village hops, getting locked out, the in loco parentis foreman...

Others have names of people who mean a lot to me. I'm not naming them, as I'd probably miss someone out, but they all know who they are.

My cats appear every so often, as do a mate's dogs. Now I just need to work a budgie called Pandy into one!

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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