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#NineForTheWeekend with Laura Baird. Did you know...?

It's almost the weekend, time for Nine for The Weekend

Nine facts you might not know but really should

Today, It's Laura Baird and boy are these amazing facts.

Nine Facts from Laura M. Baird:
1 – After trying a semester of college and having no direction in life, I decided to join the U. S. Army. I thought, if my brother could do it, why not me?! J One week into basic training, I seriously began to rethink my decision. But with the help of a terrific friend who took me under her wing, I gave it my all. While I only did 5 years, I’ll never regret it. I met my husband who was also serving, and we’ve been married over twenty-eight years!
2 – I became a dental hygienist at the age of thirty-three (being 3rd oldest in my graduating class). While still working hygiene, I became a published romance author at the age of fifty!
3 – I like to bring in local (or even national issues/events) to add a realistic element to my writing. I like bringing to light, something others may not be aware of, and may even want to lend their support to.  My hero, Carson, from “In a Flash”, was a foster kid who became a mentor and supporter of Treehouse for kids. It’s an organization in Washington State (where I live) with the goal to help kids in foster care do better in school and increase their graduation rate, giving them a much better chance at success later in life.
4 – Both my hero and heroine from “In a Flash” have body art – tattoos – more so my heroine, Audri. I fell in love with tattoos at a young age when I remember seeing a woman walking the market where mom and I would go. I continue to surprise people with my own body art – a full sleeve honoring my family; a partial sleeve honoring my Scottish heritage; fantasy figures on my leg (fairy, unicorn).
5 – Audri, my heroine, also deals with epilepsy, a condition my grandfather dealt with and a cousin currently deals with. In my story, Audri had wonderful support from her adoptive parents, and she enjoys doing portraits for epileptic children at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, as their favorite superhero or movie character. Having a condition, a disease, or something “out of the norm” shouldn’t be a stigma; it shouldn’t set you apart from others. But unfortunately, it often does. I think society is getting better at dealing with the situation, but it can still do better.
6 – As a dental hygienist, I work with a variety of patients – young to elderly – and my practice treats many in the autistic scope. It’s always a pleasure to provide care for every single one of my patients, but especially for those who don’t have complete control over their own care. And teaching care givers is a huge, important factor as well. It’s very rewarding when they thank me for their care and the wonderful visit they had… especially since many don’t want to be in the dental office to begin with. ;)
7 – The opening for “In a Flash” takes place at a writer’s conference, with Audri, a cover model photographer’s assistant, and Carson, one of the sexy models she secretly crushes on. The story was inspired by my first attendance to a conference, the Emerald City Writer’s Conference, set in Bellevue, WA. I witnessed the work of cover model photographer, Wander Aguiar, and his models, and a story idea instantly came to mind. I now have 2 books out in the series, with 2 more loosely outlined. Jesse Steed is my cover model photographer in the story, definitely ‘modeled’ after Wander, and I would love to have a picture of him on my cover when his story is released. You can follow his work here:

(I'm drooling-Raven)

8 – Over the years, I wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – where writers are encouraged to write a novel of at least 50K words in the month of November. “In a Flash” was my first attempt at NaNoWriMo in 2016, and a success! I wrote 51K in 26 days; set it aside, revised, submitted, revised again, and now it’s out in the world! I have yet to complete another attempt, but will continue to try.
9 – And in trying to think of one final fact… I share a birth day with other creatives… Quentin Tarantino, Fergie, Mariah Carey, and Nathan Fillion (Firefly & Castle), to name a few.

“In a Flash” blurb:
Cover model photographer’s assistant, Audri, crushes on sexy Carson, never knowing he feels the same way. Until an impromptu photo shoot puts them in each other’s arms and secret desires are revealed. But with obstacles between them, can they break down their walls and find love with one another?

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Laura M Baird, Romance Author 

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