Thursday, 4 April 2019

#evernighties What I leaned from my worst review

Welcome to this week's #evernighties post. 

So what did I learn from my worst review? 

That some people have no filter on their nastiness. 

That not all criticism is constructive, a lot is destructive.

That some people take great pleasure in putting others down...


What was my worst review?

The first has nothing to do with writing, but singing—or as my primary school teacher said to me, with an expression of distaste and a voice full of horror—the sound of a frog with a bad cold croaking.

I was six. We all had to audition for the class choice. Every single one of us. The teacher (Miss Breckenridge who became Mrs Berry and used a double ruler on any miscreant's palms) wasn't even our teacher, she was just the one who chose the singers.

Everyone had to sing the same few lines (It's so long ago I can't remember what) and Miss B did the 'you're in, you're out' thing. With about as much charm as a constipated piranha. When it came to me, she shuddered and uttered the never forgotten words, 'Oh dear me no, You sound like a frog  croaking. One with a with a bad cold.'

How cruel was that? And unnecessary. Of course my mum and dad reassured me that no, I didn't. (I probably did to be honest as I can''t sing in tune, but even so...)

However, there's a way of letting people down gently. You know, 'oh what a strong voice, such a pity we have to have ones that blend in,' or something.

Ah well. I just sing in the car when I'm alone. (Human by the Killers, Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond...)

Bookwise, I accept we all have opinions, and any review be it good or bad is just that. An opinion. (Or as it has been said else where everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a bum, and some bums are nicer (or less obnoxious) than others.)

You can't please all of the people all of the time. And wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all liked the same thing?

Although to be told that my mother tongue was obviously not my mother tongue as I had a hero (Regency) saying Lud...

As I said earlier... Ah well

Happy reading whatever you fancy,

Love Raven xx

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