Tuesday, 16 April 2019

#TakeoverTuesday... By me because... well, read on.

Yep, today I am taking over my own blog. Sounds weird? Probably, after all I can blog anytime.

But today is special.

Today is the day, The Viscount Meets his Match goes on preorder from Totally Bound.

Am I excited? Heck, yeah. I had so much fun writing this story about two people who are shall we say very much their own person.

They do say the path of true love is a bit stony don't they? They're right in this case. 
I do hope you enjoy how David and Josephine cope with each other and their feelings.

Here's a wee tease...

“Is it all men or only me you have an aversion to?” he asked as she began to walk away. He pitched his voice just loud enough for her to hear. She might ignore his question but there would be no chance of her not hearing it. “For if it is me, what have I ever done to you to deserve your contempt?”
“What?” She turned and took the three steps necessary to get within arm’s reach once more. Her blue eyes sparked in a way he had never noticed before and his body responded accordingly and tightened with interest. Again, she tempted him in a manner he would not have thought possible. How he’d like to shake her out of her present mood, but not in a manner that would be at all acceptable.
Not yet, anyway.
Again a notion to contemplate. Was he really debating dallying with this woman? His head said no, the rest of his body, the opposite. Why had he never really examined her luscious curves before? They appeared perfect in every way.
“Dare you not answer me?”
She frowned as if puzzled by his remark. David repeated himself. “How have I earned your contempt?”
“Sadly, as far as I can see, from my knowledge of your sex it encompasses all men, my lord. Although, with your reputation, I would put you near the top of my list.”
Well, that told him. David bowed and with a swift look around decided, if she thought she knew him, he might as well live up to the sort of person she thought she was. He grasped both her arms, drew her close and pressed a hard, swift kiss to her lips.

The jolt of immediate arousal was as unexpected as it was exciting.

you can preorder your copy

Happy reading,
love Raven xx

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