Monday, 22 April 2019

The Gluten free authors guide to goodies—or not. Where I talk about toiletries.

Or shampoo.

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Now I honestly never thought about hair shampoo and gluten. Daft? Maybe but it didn't enter my head, until it did so to speak.

Until I glutenised myself with hair shampoo. It hurt. A lot.

We were on holiday, and the lovely hubby commented he'd seen an advert saying a certain hair shampoo was gluten free. I nodded said oh really, and thought no more about it. Until I washed and conditioned my hair with the very expensive toiletries provided in the accommodation. And ouch.

My scalp stung, my face went blotchy, I itched. The dreaded spots appeared.

I have never put so much lukewarm water over my head and the rest of me so fast. It was not nice!

After I towelled myself off, I remembered lovely hubby's comment. Checked the bottles and there in the bold list of allergens was the dreaded gluten.

I was gobsmacked. It wasn't cheapie stuff where you'd imagine gluten in (or well, no actually I can't but you know what I mean) This was top of the range lusted after stuff that I had been so excited to see. And it contained gluten.

I had to find a chemist and buy some more down to earth toiletries. And suffer looking blotchy for four days. (Not a good look when you're out for posh nosh)

The moral of this is... always check the ingredients of everything. 

(And don't get me started on toothpaste!)

Happy hairwashing,

love, Raven xx

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  1. And don't forget toilet paper. Gluten is used in some of the glues used on TP. It's frustrating how many products it's in.