Tuesday, 8 October 2013

#TantalizingTuesday.. I have a devilish flasher today...

I have to thank Doris O'Connor for the picture. I knew what I wanted to write, but had no picture, and she found it for me... I must admit it's usually the other way round. I have the picture, think oh there's a story there, and wait for it to hit me.

So it's a picture and 200 words...

 flash of Fire... a hint of Desire

His cloak swirled around him hiding the evidence.
"Sit there Nickita. Don't move—watch."
Would She? He spun round. She watched him, through eyes that sparkled in the candle light.
So theatrical but that was what was needed this time. His tail flashed under the silk, burnish gold and shot with fire.
She shivered.
"Are you cold?"
At a flick of his hand flames rose and danced around the empty grate. She gasped
"What are you?"
He laughed. "Nickita sweetness. Don't you know? Haven't you watched and learned what we can do?"
He kissed her lips. The contact seared his skin. It was time.
What would she say? Would she accept all he desired? All he needed… all he ever wanted.
"We Nickits-mia. We. You're mine. Why do you think you were named so? Nickita, my little devil. My little devil. Are you ready to decide? Do we go to heaven or hell? Only you know the answer."
"I do?"
"You hold my life in your hands. You agree to partner me, and show me light. Or you deny me. Then I sink into the abyss once more. And I take you with me."
He paused. "What will it be?"

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  1. Heaven or Hell, now there is a reason to choose hey :-) Great tease Raven. xx

  2. What will it be? What will it be?

    I hope to hell it will be another 10,000 words with these two!!!!


  3. Oh, indeed, what will it be? ;-) Great tease, Raven!

  4. That was luscious, Raven!! Heaven or Hell? The light or the abyss? Not much of a decision but a tremendous leap of some kinda faith!! Loved this one, Raven......yummyyou:) xo

  5. Great contrast to the inevitable choice decided. I hope she decides for partnering. He certainly has proved his needs and wishes.

  6. Excellent tease very well written and I wonder what choice did she make. Heaven or hell