Sunday, 13 October 2013

#SexySnippets The Girl on the Bus is back

Time to stop the bus and climb on...

Happy Sunday peeps. I thought I'd give you another #SexySnippets from The Girl on the Bus.
Tay sees the profile of a girl on a bus and it brings back happy memories.
Julia can't believe that the guy in the meeting is the Dom she remembers.
Is it their time now?

 Her Master T. 

No, he's not, not since I ran. And if he was, I bet I'd not be able to sit down for a week when he confirmed just who I was. 

Julia pressed her legs together as she thought of all the ways Tay could show her the error of her ways. Then the manner in which her thoughts turned her to mush, and her juices coated her thighs, became an exercise in not putting her hand inside her thong. Or rubbing her clit until she experienced that sweet rush of wet sensation as she shuddered and came.

She dragged her mind away from her needy body, and thought of Tay and his clever punishments.

Just in case I've intrigued you and you want to read more, here's the buy links.  *snigger* I've just had to retype that. I'd typed buy kinks!

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  1. Very sexy!!

    *giggles at buy kinks!*


  2. Buy kinks, lololol. Great snippet, Raven :-)

  3. 'clever punishments'. you have me curious. :)