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I'm getting nervous/excited/ready to dance...#MidWeekTease

Hold up your hand, and stop the bus.

The Girl on the bus will arrive at an ebookstop near you on Friday 11th.

I'm alloverexcited!

So my #MidWeekTease has to come from it just to whet your appetite...

Julia ran out on Rob five years ago, so she cannot be the face he sees on the bus. However, when she ends up being the one taking notes at his meeting, he knows he will move heaven and earth to make her his once more.
Will she agree, or will she run again?

 "Oh, no." Julia stopped dead outside the door and poked Belle on the arm. "What's this, Belle Chisholm? Dommissima? Is this what I think it is?"

 "How do I know?" Belle nudged her forward again. "But it's here we're off to."
"Nope, you are maybe, I decline your oh so kind invitation. I've had enough shocks to the system already today. Can't we just go and get out of these clothes into some jeans and get a curry?"
 "Oh yes, big time. Definitely, so shall we?"
Julia didn't expect Belle to agree and she didn't.
"Nah, do you know how difficult it was to get these tickets? We're going in, and you can shut your eyes all night if you want, but I so want to go. Julia, please?"
That was enough for Julia to be contrite. Belle didn't know anything about why Julia suffered the bloody great itch over all her body, and a jiving family of whatevers doing overtime in her tummy. Bless her, Belle hadn't even asked questions about Julia's weird running away that afternoon.
"Of course we will. Sorry, honey, I'm being a wuss like you say. So it is a BDSM club?" She'd heard the name mentioned somewhere. "And how come we can get in?"
Belle hugged her. "It's a demo night, and I… er, put our names down, and um sort of forged your signature and stuff. After all, it's only a watch and drool night really. Hey, you don't have anything drastically wrong with you, do you? I mean I know you've had your appendix out, because you worked with me when it happened, but I guessed the rest of you is okay. The only thing I really took a stab at was protection, and I said you were on the pill. Not that it'll really matter, because like I said, it's watch…"
 "And drool yeah. And I am on the pill." To regulate her periods, nothing else. Julia wasn't going to admit she thought her pussy might well have sealed itself up due to lack of use. "What are we watching?" The jiving whatevers were back in force with a vengeance.
As Belle pushed the heavy-looking, windowless door open and took Julia's hand, pulling her in, Julia began to sweat. Tiny black dots swam in her vision.
Oh shit, stop it, and do not faint, not here. How embarrassing. But she couldn't stop the tiny moan from escaping. Belle looked at her.
"Hell. Julia, it's not den of iniquity. No white slavers or bogey men, honestly."
Julia managed a half smile. It became hard work when you thought even to open your mouth you'd throw up. Coupled with the horrid metallic tang of blood hitting every sense possible because you'd bitten your lip, it was more than unpleasant. "You sure? Oh Belle, joke, okay? I'm sorry I just felt weird. Maybe I'm hungry. Cake and then an apology for a chicken salad doesn't really fill me up."
"You can't scene on a full stomach," Belle said and then went white. "Oh, bugger."
The butterflies in Julia's tummy turned into bats and beetles and all things nasty. Having a no holds barred fight.
"Oh bugger, indeed. 'Fess up woman, what have you said I'd do that I don't know about? I'm not going one inch further until you tell me." Julia moved to one side. A couple of girls dressed in pelmet skirts that were almost an arrest-able deal, and much too tight corsets approached the registration desk. She hoped they didn't need to take a deep breath, they'd be hard pushed to. Next to them she looked like the aged granny.
"Belle, unless you tell me what the fuck is going in, I'm out of here. You told me a demo, not a scene."
 "A demo is a scene," Belle said.
"And hell is just a hot fire to warm your toes beside. What's going on?"
Belle dragged her toward the wall, out of the way of the few interested bystanders. Obviously they wondered why someone shook like a milkshake and hung back, instead of rushing eagerly to go in.
"Well, look, why don't you just treat tonight as research? You know for the BDSM book you insist you're not going to write, but I bet you really want to."
 No, I really don't. The real thing spoiled me. It had been such a private intense night, that Julia knew she didn’t want to share her thoughts and feelings about it with unknown people. Sadly, she also knew there was as much chance of her not using her knowledge if she wrote about it as of her winning the football pools. She didn't do those.
"Wrong. Now how about you tell me the rest, you've got that look. The one you use before you get me to agree to something I really don't want to do, but you're going to do your darndest to make me."
"Oh hell, there's a chance we might get asked to participate if we want to. No way was I going to spoil it by having a full stomach, and so not fit for purpose, you know?" Belle licked her lips and winked.
In spite of herself Julia laughed. "No, thank you. Not my scene."
And if she believes that I have a bridge for sale. Argh fuck and hell. "Er, what are we going to see?"
 Belle didn't answer, but edged Julia towards the registration desk. The woman behind it smiled at both of them.
"Hello, ladies. Names, please? And then write the names you'll use inside the club on your tags."
"Belle Chisholm and Julia Farrar. I'm always Belle."
"And you, Ms. Farrar?"
 Julia bit her lip. A well-known voice spoke behind her. She didn't need a face to know the speaker’s identity. Her mind filled with his presence, and her skin stung with the realization he was around.
"She's Silver, and she's my sub. Aren’t you, pet?"

I hope that has intrigued you...

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