Wednesday, 30 October 2013

it's mid-week tease time :)

She needs to be very sure, and if she is? Then Rob's sure he'll be...Amazing Maisie.
This is a tease from my story in The Crimson Rope, an anthoology I'm honored to be in.

"I was asked to give you these," Rissa said. "And it's not an eBook, but a genuine, hold in your hands and underline the passages, book." She'd handed a fluorescent marker, a bookmark and the two sealed packages to Maisie. "Or so I've been told. You're not to open them until you're sitting down at home, with wine."
Maisie put the smaller package into her bag and turned the larger one over in her hands. She gave a self-conscious smile at her actions. Obviously it was a book, but a brown padded bag didn't give much else away. So she'd nodded, put it in her bag, and waited until now.
Her heart was vying with the loud noise from the grandmother clock on the sideboard. What if it was a Dear Maisie, goodbye Maisie, Dear John type letter?
It's a book. You don't do a Dear John book. Just open the darned thing. However, her hands shook, and it took four goes to find the edge of the tape that sealed the bag.
When she finally drew the contents out, Maisie didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
A leather back jotter, tied together with a scarlet plaited rope and a gold fountain pen attached in a holder, slid out into Maisie's hand. She ran her fingers over the smooth as butter cover and bent her head to sniff the distinctive smell of expensive hide. With the utmost care, Maisie opened the cover. Inside, in elegant cursive script, were a few words.
'Pet, if you're serious, I need you to start writing down your thoughts for me as each day goes by. Reread our emails and write down your thoughts on them now. Highlight what means most to you. I'm thinking of you.'
 The other package was a soft leather flogger. The note with that was even shorter:
To remind you.
Maisie gave a juddering sigh and ran the strands of the flogger over her cheek. The caress was as soft as a whisper, but she was under no illusions. With Rob's expertise he would be a master of sensations. Her clit sent messages, like 'yes please', and 'I wish it was now', as it reacted to the sensual pleasures in her mind. She let herself have one last daydream of how it might feel if Rob wielded her present on her skin, let her juices gather and felt her skin tingle. Then she put it and the book down on the coffee table, before she lifted her laptop up.
Rob was methodical and numbered his emails, and Maisie had pasted them into a document saved on her hard drive as 'Messages from my love'. She couldn't count the number of times she'd pulled it up and read the emails, and she almost knew them off by heart.
Okay, I can do this. Maisie took a deep breath, and opened the document before she smoothed the first page of her journal flat. In all honesty it would be a joy to write in such a beautiful book, and with a fountain pen that had a famous logo on the side of the barrel.
One. 'Good morning, pet. Do I call you that? Are you thinking about it, Maisie? About letting me be your Sir. Submitting to me, and exploring what you want—what we want. I think there is so much about you that you don't know. Now's your chance to discover those facets … do you want to?
Shall I start to show you how we can explore and find out what Maisie my sub would like?
Think about it. Waiting for me, naked and on your knees with your head bowed. Is your breathing fast? Is that seductive little pulse in your neck bouncing up and down erratically? How's your cunt? Wet, throbbing and full of cream? Oh, and your nipples? I bet if you touched them they would be hard and tingling and ready for more.
If I'm right, you don't do anything about it, pet. Not if you want to explore our partnership. You do not make yourself come.
How does that sit with you?

She almost bit her lip before she heard Rob's voice in her head. 'Pet, you don't mark yourself. I do that.'

The Crimson Rope will be released on November 5th from

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