Sunday, 6 October 2013

#SexySnippers It's my birthday...

Hi All it's my 2nd birthday as an author so... Shhh I'm cheating and you're getting two for one. I thought I should do a snippet from my first book, Wallflowers Don't Wilt, and them one from The Girl on the Bus, which is due to be released next Friday...

I'm in celebratory mood...

Ivo Darranton, wants more than one lover, he wants two. But the ladies are lovers thrmselves. Are they prepared to let tow become three?


He clapped his hands, ignoring the uncomfortable tightness of his breeches as his cock, interested beyond belief at mere talk, strained to be noticed. It seemed its activities gained it the recognition it sought, as both girls glanced at the general area and smiled. Not blushed, he noted, but smiled. “Bravo, So?”

“So, Ivo.” There was a saucy smile on Arabella’s face, matched by the one on Serena’s, as they both faced him, seemingly now wide- awake. “Just what is making your breeches stand up so?”


And just because...

Can a glimpse of a girl on a bus be, a blast from the past and the start of his future?

"If you were mine, this is how you'd greet me, a soft caress here, followed by a kiss here." He’d brushed his hand over the soft leather hiding his cock from view. Julia risked a quick glance toward where he gestured. The hard outline showed proud against the leather.

"Yes, for me as well, and that, pet, is a no-go area in the club—except for the greeting I’d expect, of course."
The disappointment was way beyond anything she'd ever experienced.
 "Dammit," she’d said in an undertone and he’d laughed.

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  1. Happy Publish birthday :D yay1! I'm so glad I met you and became part of the BP family with you! :D

  2. A very big Happy 2nd Birthday to you, Raven, and many, many more to come!

  3. Who'd have thunk it, eh. Two years on and look at you :-) Happy second Author birthday, Raven. May there be many, many more. xxx

  4. Oh my gosh I remember this story so well. Loved it. might just have to re-read now ;-) And Happy birthday, may this be the anniversary of many xx