Friday, 11 October 2013

#FlashFictionFriday... A Hint of...?

Where we all write 100 word flash on the same picture...

This is my offering today

A hint of...?

"Keep your eyes shut. What do you feel?" He ran his tongue over her lips, and waited.
She sighed. "Your breath on my skin."
He kissed her nose.
"Good and this?" Water streamed over them.
She giggled. "Wet."
He held her breasts in his hands and she shivered. "So good."
"And now? What do you scent?" He pressed tiny kisses over her face and neck. Then he switched the water off. 
"Scents?" he asked again. "No peeking
She sniffed and smiled. "Oh wow. Really? Is it?"
He laughed.
Yep Beef Madras, just as my lady asked."

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  1. LOL, I love that last line!

  2. love it. a hint of how well he knows her. I hope its her favorite meal he surprised her with

  3. Full marks for giving the lady what she desires, but did he cook it himself?

  4. This was fun and playful. I love a man that cooks. :) Great flash!

  5. The last line was funny! Nice Flash.

  6. Great flash with a wicked last line. I loved it

  7. Delihtful, Raven! Can't go too far After a stirring shower without sustanence:) xo

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  9. Ha ha ha there is NOTHING like a good curry. Loved this Raven. xxx