Saturday, 5 October 2013

I read and I like with Kath

I like and I read with Kath

Hi All, sorry I'm just on here as Kath, but let's just say my love of all things hot could get me into trouble.

I am a true romantic.I enjoy a good, hot, heated, problematic, love story. With lots of conflict and even more sex. I don't mine if its men, woman a mixture or a few at once. As long as there's a story there, that's fine by me. I don't even need perfect size ladies or men with well defined abs. After all we're all different. But I do need to be able to connect with the characters. I don't mean experence what they do, but it has to feel plausible. And let's face it, that means hot sex, and swaer words. That's life.

I also enjoy some biographies, and travel books, books about animals and coojkery books. I have almost 100, and have at least flicked through them all.

I don't read anything Sci-fi. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I find westerns a bit the same.

The classics are very hit and miss. I like the Bronte's, (ah Heathcliffe) but not Austen. Dickens, or Wikie Collin?s Hmm Pickwick Papers works. So does Collins' The Woman in White.

But for pure enjoyment and relaxation, give me a hot erotic romance!

(And me Kath—Raven)

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