Saturday, 12 October 2013

I read and I like with Dee Little

Happy Saturday. 

Today's guest is Dee Little. Take it away Dee...

Hi Raven. Thanks for having me over :D

Most of you who know me by now, know that I am an erotic fiction addict right now! And that is all down to the lovely people I've met through my blog, like the wonderful Raven here. I just love romance (and sex) in my books, therefore erotica and erotic fiction are the ideal books for me! I like a good back story though, and if the book literally is just sex, I probably won't enjoy it as much.

When I first started reading Erotica, I didn't know there were so many sub-genres in this genre, Supernatural, Science Fiction, BDSM, D/S, Contemporary, Historical, Menage, Westerns.... the list goes on and on! I really thought erotica was just erotica, but instead I have been opened to a whole world and range of sub genres. I have read at least one book from most of these sub-genres, and have some favourites too. Ravens historical romances are amazing, she captures your attention from the get go, and certaintly has a way with words. Doris O'Connors shape shifters are bloody fantastic (I so have a thing for one of her characters!), she has made this one of my favourite sub genres. BDSM, where do I start?! So may authors have written brilliant BDSM stories, there are far too many to mention!

But... I do like to read other genres too. To be honest I will pick up pretty much anything if it takes my fancy, there is no genre I will steer away from. I get so many requests for reviews (and to let you in on a secret, I never say no), and I'm glad as this has made me read books I probably woulnd't have picked up, and I've actually really enjoyed them! I do enjoy a good humour book once in a while. The 'Idiot Abroad' books have been some of my favourite comedies.

My favourite all time book is The Green Mile by Stephen King. I loved the way I was drawn into the book right from the start (but I do regret seeing teh movie first, as I did read the whole book in Tom Hanks voice :/). The magic that surrounded the story just felt amazing to me, and I remember crying, yes I cried! Oh yes, I cry reading books, I'm a bit of a softie.

I have always read, as long as I can remember, and my favourite thing to do at the weekend as a child was to go to the library with my parents and siblings to grab our allowance of books, then snuggle up on the sofa reading. Enid Blyton and Roald Dhal were my favourite authors as a younger child, then I grew into more teen books such as the Point Horror collection.

So thats my reading habits for you. I read pretty much anything adn everything. And the saying 'So many books, So little time' is so true, my to be read pile gets bigger and bigger each day!

I shall leave you with a quote good people :D

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”
- Groucho Marx


  1. Thanks for having me over today Raven :D

  2. I agree, Raven does capture your attention! Good to get to know what you like better x