Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Miid Week Tease Time... With Livvy's Devil Dom

Livvy, and Sael, her Devil Dom will be with you on November 6th

Meanwhile, here's a mid-week tease from their story.

Livvy looked up into well-remembered deep blue eyes. The dark lashes that surrounded them were plastered together, and his hair stuck close to his scalp and around his neck. His gaze never wavered from her face even as his hands caressed her ass, and circled the tiny secret hole there. She shivered, remembering things that she thought they'd done and she'd enjoyed. But why was it all like looking at a movie?
"Look at me." He pushed his cock inside her up to his balls and pinched her nipple. "Look at me, Livvy, and tell me what you see."
The next pinches to her nipple sent a sharp exciting wave of pain from her boob to her clit, and she clenched her muscles around his prick.
"What the hell was that for?" She glared at him, and was rewarded by the soft wave of red that hit his cheeks. Yes, she might like it, and she knew he knew it, but why was he so angry?
"You. Lie. Every night. You feel this every night. It's real. You choose not to remember it." He kept up his relentless thrusting, and kissed her neck. It stung, and he grinned as he pulled back to stare at her. "My mark. Every night."
"Every night?" He was in her dreams every night? What planet was he from? She'd surely remember a tall, dark, ask-me-and-I'm-yours man in her bed?
"You know what planet I'm from. You just heard me. And yes, you know it's every night. I allowed you not to remember most nights, but now? Now, it’s wake up and fuck time."
Suddenly, she was blazing angry. Who the hell was he to mess with her mind like that? Didn't he know it was bloody rude to answer her thoughts? They were her thoughts, for fuck's sake. Hers. If she'd wanted him to know what she was thinking, she'd have spoken aloud. He needed to butt out. However, she thought she'd just let them both come first! Before she chewed his balls off and told him to go to hell.
"Anytime." His grin was devilish. "Anytime. But remember, not only can I read your mind, I give as good as I get, and more. So be careful what you decide. You chew my balls; I chew your pussy. I go to hell, you join me, and I'll tell you now, you won't like it, not one little bit. Take heed, Livvy, my love, wherever or whatever, I will be your master."
His thrusts became faster, more demanding, as he pinched and soothed her nipples, before descending on her mouth again.
His last words before their tongues tangled sent her over the edge and spinning into sexual satiation.
"Come now, Livvy. Come for us. And we'll fly." She flew. Loud, long, and perfect. He followed her over the edge. She felt him spill, and fill, and… "Fuck." Felt him fill me. No protection. "Fuck." She hammered at his shoulders with her fists. "Asshole, moron. Fuck." Now he'd reduced her to moronic, childish language.
"We did." He grinned, and she saw a glint of something sharp in his mouth. "Fuck. You ready to go again? Give me five minutes. We Saffaulians are good, but not instant."
His grin was wicked, his fangs sharp, bright, and … Holy hell. Fangs? I did see something. All thoughts of condoms and safe sex went straight out of her mind. "Fangs? You're a fucking vampire?" Oh hell, what does that mean for me?
"Wrong. I'm a fucking Devil." His voice was full of hurt. "A bloody good, fucking Devil, who's been fucking you this past year without any complaints."

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  1. That was awesome!!! I am looking forward to reading this book.

  2. Thank you so much, not long now :)

  3. Awesome, Raven! I added you to the linky :)

    Thanks for teasing this week! xoxo

  4. I can't wait for this to come out. Love Sael!

  5. Wow. Now that was some excerpt! Very interesting ~ hot and scary! :D Thanks for sharing! :) Casey

  6. Wow Raven, I was pulled in by everything being said and unsaid. Loved it!