Sunday, 27 October 2013

#SexySnippets With Athol...

As Athol's telling me to get on and write his story as he sees it, this is where we meet him.

So from Master...

(via Athol)

"Where's Athol?" she asked, as she realized there was nothing else she could say or do to dissuade Caden from his chosen plan. "He's late."
"I'm here, sweet thing." Athol walked across the room and enveloped her in his usual effusive bear hug. "I had to sort out some dickhead who thought I would turn a trick for a tenner. Cheapskate, I told him not for a thousand, I have my standards." He roared with laughter, a deep belly laugh so at odds with his persona.  

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  1. Certainly deserves his own story

  2. Yes, we need Athol's story!

  3. I agree with Doris and Micky!!

    I melt every time I see that cover :)