Friday, 25 October 2013

My #FlashFictionFriday offering... A Stroke of Love

Flash Fiction Friday.

A story in 100 words...

Inspired by a given picture...

Same picture for each of us, different inspiration,

Different words...

"Dear Sir, are you sure?"
His eyes glittered like starts in a moonlit sky. "As I am of anything in this life."
"For I am not," she said. "I wonder—who are we?"
He held her tight. "Without this, we are nothing. With it? We control our future...our salvation. It is right for us." He nuzzled her neck and she leaned closer.
"Then I trust you. I want," she paused. "Us."
"Then us we will have."
She nodded and passed him the knife.
He smiled. "Now and forever." Slowly he stroked it over her throat, and then his.

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Happy Flashing,

Love R x


  1. Oh my! Deliciously dark, Raven!

  2. no! absolutely not. LOL. you can't leave it right there :) Are they killing themselves? why? man, so far the flashes are leaving me on a cliff hanger. love it

  3. Good Lord! That is dark and mysterious. I loved it:) xo

  4. Mysterious! I need to read more, ypu have to carry on

  5. Oh fuck, I didn't see that coming! Truly a dark flash! You held up my interest!

  6. Perfectly dark for this time of the year I love it

  7. Wow! *shivers* Are they immortal and tired of their long lives and want to rest eternally? I loved this. So dark and heart wrenching. I def want to know what happens to them. Who they really are and so much more. Great flash!