Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mid week Teasing...

Oh it's Wednesday again and time for a mid-week tease...

As I'm in the process of writing Athol's story, I thought I'd show you the first time we meet him. 

In Master.

Anna sees her estranged husband for the first time in many years. And she'd sure it's a set up...

Linsey might not be into men, but Anna saw the exact moment Cade won her boss and friend over. It was no wonder he was at the top of his tree. His presence was enough to command respect at a dozen paces.
"I know it's unexpected, but I found myself in the area," he said suavely. "And as we agreed, I would like to look round before my evening of demos"
"You can't," Anna said. "You haven't registered. It'd be illegal." Oh god, word vomit, shut up.
He raised one eyebrow in a manner that would have had every sub in the vicinity on their knees and trembling. In fact, once upon a time, Anna would have been the first person to assume the position. No longer. She glared at him.
"Anna, Master McCourt is..."Anna didn't give Linsey a chance to finish. "With respect, Linsey, I know who he is, and I know the rules. You're not getting shut down because one person doesn’t follow them."
"You're right." Cade spoke before either woman could. "If you find me a copy to read and sign, I'll gladly do so, and then perhaps someone can show me round?"
Anna ignored him. It was up to Linsey to sort all that out. She stalked around her desk and glared at him, as he stood unmoving next to her chair.
"Excuse me." She waited until he took a step back and opened a drawer. Anna handed a sheaf of papers and a pen to him and moved away. "Use my desk," she said. "I won't need it any longer." She looked at Linsey, who gave a faint shrug, as if to say there wasn't anything she could do. Anna didn't believe that for one minute. "Where's Athol?" she asked, as she realized there was nothing else she could say or do to dissuade Caden from his chosen plan. "He's late."
"I'm here, sweet thing." Athol walked across the room and enveloped her in his usual effusive bear hug. "I had to sort out some dickhead who thought I would turn a trick for a tenner. Cheapskate. I told him not for a thousand, I have my standards." He roared with laughter, a deep belly laugh so at odds with his persona. "Oh and who's this?" He looked Cade up and down.
Anna grinned at him. There was no way she could project her nerves onto Athol. "Ask Linsey to explain. I'm away home."
Caden put the pen down and looked up at her. For the first time since he'd walked through the door, he was focused on Anna, and she felt the familiar tingle of arousal as the flames of need began to flicker through her.
"I thought perhaps you would show me around." Cade spoke to her, and his deep voice filled her, focusing all her attention on him.
Outside a car horn sounded, and Anna blinked and jumped, her concentration broken. She could only think she'd had a lucky escape.
"Sorry, I'm finished for the day. Oh, and Linsey?" She looked at her boss who smiled, although it didn't reach her eyes.
"Linsey, I'm just mentioning this and please accept it's not a threat, it's a promise. If I find that somehow, someone has told Caden
where I live, or I'm visited or bothered by him, you can take that as my notice."
A guilty look flickered over Linsey's face, and Anna knew her suspicions were correct. This visit was no accident. And she was certain Cade knew where she lived. That was it; she was leaving, and not just the club.
Linsey nodded, as her eyes flickered from Anna to Cade and back again. Behind her, Athol stood as still as a statue.
The telephone broke up the tableau. Anna looked at it and then at Athol. He took the hint and lifted the receiver.
Anna flexed her fingers to relieve the pins and needles in
"Good, I'm glad we all understand each other." She keyed in the password of the closet, retrieved her handbag and coat and walked out.

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