Saturday, 25 May 2013

It's Gayls day...

I am commandeering Raven's blog today in order to celebrate the anniversary of my debut release, Ride A Cock Horse, on sale exclusively this weekend only at Breathless Press. Thank you, Raven, for hosting me! As I look back on this past year, there are a few things I learned and a few I am still working on mastering (probably shouldn't use the word 'mastering' on Raven's blog eh?) maybe not *snigger* R 

In no particular order:

1. Set realistic writing goals. One thing I struggle with is finding time, no, making time, to write. I am a single parent with a full time job and a half. I'm taking care of my parents as well as my boys. Time is a premium commodity and I am not one to put myself first. Committing to writing something every day, whether it is a few words or a few thousand, is key.

2. I write what I write. There are several writers and many genres I enjoy reading. That doesn't mean I can or should write what they write. I tried writing a paranormal. I tried writing a historical. Yeah, that didn't go so well. Since I draw from my experiences and surroundings, contemporary romance is a good fit for me. It's comfortable and effortless. My voice likes it!

3. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, become distracted by all the shininess that is the internet unless you are researching! (nuff said) Also, for me, drinking and writing should never be allowed. Now writing and driving…that's a story for another day…

4. I'm not particularly thick skinned. I should probably change that. I haven't had a horrible review but I've been dinged a time or two (maliciously but we won't go into that). Not everyone will like what you write or what you do and that's okay. As long as I am happy, the rest doesn't matter. I don't write because I want to make a million dollars (okay I do, but that isn't what drives me). Writing is my release, my cathartic weapon of choice. I love it, I can't stop doing it even if what I write never makes it to "print".

5. Be prepared to self-promote. Another thing I seriously lack (and I blame the lack of hours in a day for this). I am terrible at marketing and promotion. Probably another reason why I will never earn that first million. However, it takes only one person telling me they enjoyed what I wrote to make me smile.

6. I am a procrastinator. I need a task list. And then I need to follow it as best as possible. (see #3 above). Clearly this is a particular weakness of mine (just ask Raven when she got this post from me 0.o)

7. Branding. Still working on this one but at least I have some ideas on this. Author, know thyself.

8. Chocolate makes everything better. Chocolate covered strawberries especially. With champagne.

9. I do not write porn. Erotic romance is not porn. What I write is romance with a sensual and erotic flavor. I write about love, every aspect of it. I am not afraid to open the door and let you watch. My characters are not perfect - in fact, they are flawed and very human. Unless they actually aren't human but that isn't what I write ;)

10. Get outside once in a while. The other day, I was taking out the trash and it was such a lovely day, I sat down and just breathed. Sometimes I forget to do that.

Musician Hunter Blake returns to Banbury Cross to win back his true love, Kate. Will they find a way to make beautiful music again?

Not even a cock horse could bring musician Hunter Blake back to Banbury Cross, yet here he stood, ten years after leaving, to make amends for his past behavior and win back his true love, Katherine Banbury. Their relationship was in perfect harmony until Hunter's excessive drinking tore them apart. Now sober, he's focused on doing whatever it takes to prove he's worthy of her love.

Kate spent the last ten years determined to forget Hunter. With a developer intent on turning her ancestral home into tract housing, Kate had her hands full. When Hunter returns, vivid memories of their passionate history stoke the flames of desire between them. Will Kate fight the attraction or will she open her heart to love once more?

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