Sunday 26 May 2013

#sexysnippets...Embrace the pain...

Hello Sunday...

Oh my, decisions... ARGH...

Here we are, Sunday already, and I'm swithering (great word that eh?) over which book and which snippet.

As yesterday was our one day of summer here in Scotland, I decided I've give you seven outdoor sentences from Cecilia's Claim...

"Embrace the pain."

Caleb pinched the lobe of her ear. That unexpected touch 

took her mind off what Philippe was doing, and he thrust 

sharply. Before her brain processed the deep sharp sting, the

agony changed. Her body was on fire. An inferno engulfed her

as both men settled deep inside her. It was almost as if their 

cocks touched, so thin was the wall between them.


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Happy Reading,

Love, R x