Sunday, 12 May 2013

#sexysnippets. It's time to act on IMPULSE again

As Impulse is free this weekend on Amazon, my seven have to come from there

His hard male areola puckered and his nipple tightened under 

her caress.

"Bloody hell, woman." Dylan bent his head to touch his lips to 

hers. That first gentle contact morphed into a hard searing kiss, 

as his tongue demanded entrance into her mouth and swirled 

with hers. Mia nipped it and felt his moan of approval resonate 

through her. He pulled back and took a deep juddering breath. 

Mia grinned; this was all she could ever have asked for—and 


 you can download  Impulse here

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Happy Mother's Day, Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. Oh he just sounds yummy doens't he! :)

    ps I nominated you for a leibster award

  2. Lovely snippet, Raven. It shows that a kiss can be so much more than just a kiss.

  3. Sexy Snippet indeed! Love a good kiss!

  4. There's nothing like a good kiss. Yum.

  5. Gotta love a good kiss :-)

  6. Loved this snippet!