Saturday 11 May 2013

Act on IMPULSE...

Now if you live over on one side of the pond, Sunday is Mothers Day . And my lovely publishing house, Just Ink Press and I are celebrating the weekend by giving all ladies (and gents of course) a treat.
Of course it isn't just for those of you celebrating, it's for everyone. We all have someone we want to thank. For being there, shaking us up, helping us, and just because. Sometimes live is so hectic, we forget the little things. Like showing our love and appreciation. And for sitting, watching the daisies grow, and indulging ourselves.
Well here's a chance to do that. So grab your eReader, press one click, and let me take you away...
Give yourselves, and that someone special, the gift of IMPULSE and a trip to Isola dei Sogni this Mother's Day weekend, the island where dreams and fantasies come true.
The best part is that IMPULSE is FREE all day Saturday and Sunday (US Pacific time)! Let Isola dei Sogni whisk you away to a tropical island where you can indulge in your most secret fantasies!

Isola Dei Sogni, where fantasies and dreams come true. Mia only 
went as a favor for her sister. Her fantasy was a good book and a 
bottle of wine. Until she met Dylan. Then her sense disappeared and 
fantasy took over. Was it all worth it?

Dylan has arrived at Isola Dei Sogni to help out—with reluctance 
and just as a favor. Then he meets Mia. If she's the person he's 
supposed to assist, then maybe the visit won't be the waste of time 
he thought after all. His attitude has changed, and when he hears 
Mia wants to give him his fantasy? Dylan is never one to disappoint 
a lady…he hopes.

However, fantasies and dreams are all well and good, but even here, 
reality creeps in. Can Mia and Dylan overcome that to reach their 
happily ever after?

Author: Raven McAllan
Publication Date: May 1, 2013
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Price: $2.49 FREE
Available: Amazon (worldwide)

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