Monday, 20 May 2013

that release day magic...

Yep, I'm all over happy. Doing the chair swivel jiggle, and stalking the sites, so I can pimp the links...

Cecilia's Claim, book two in the Regency Series, Behind Closed Doors is out today...

I'm writing this series in conjunction with Lee Brazil... Devised and plotted over the net, with a glass of tipple or two, It's so much fun. We've written two books so far, and books three and four are well under way. Each book is stand alone, although you will meet old friends in them all... I love that, keeping in touch so to speak.

The thrill of publishing day, never ever dims. It's a constant joy that an editor and a publisher like what I written enough to spend time and money on my manuscript, and getting it to a stage where it can be published. Then, oh then the big, fantastic rush of adrenalin when I see someone had bought it. Spent their hard earned cash on my writing.

I'm truly humbled when I see that. That a person, or even persons, are prepared to part with their cash to buy my book. Well, that is the best feeling in the world. Thank you so much... :)

Without my amazing readers, there would be no Raven. Well that's not quite correct, there would. However she'd not be bopping around the study, singing at the top of her voice... "Oh what a beautiful morning" and scaring the cats. (No they still aren't used to it...) So this is a big thank you to those of you who support me.

Now I'm off to refresh those sites to see if the buy links are there yet. But before I do, Here's a wee tease and the Evernight buy link, just in case you need it ....

The ball was not quite the place for a young lady of the ton to attend unescorted. However Cecy reasoned at almost five-and-twenty she was no longer in the first flush of youth, and chose to disregard the fact that her brother would lose what little patience he still had with her if he discovered her whereabouts. She needed this one night of escape.
However, she was not as obvious as most ladies she saw, and she kept her domino tight around her. As she stood near the edge of the ballroom and watched the antics, which were becoming increasingly risqué, Cecy was conscious of two tall and impeccably dressed gentlemen approaching. Once they reached her, one stood on each side of her. They were so close she could smell their colognes, which were light, and fresh, and also the indefinable scent of man. Both were pleasant, and neither alarmed her."You know we've been waiting for you, love." The taller of the two men spoke in a soft voice, as he removed her glass and handed it to his companion. His French accent was hardly noticeable. "We want you, both of us, together." As he spoke Cecy realized they had maneuvered her out of the room, and into an antechamber. She reasoned she must have wanted to go with them, or her mind would have registered their movements.
"You do?" How stupid, you know this, have they not told you on each occasion you have met them?
"Ah Cecy, you know this, don't dissemble." The other man spoke, and leaned into her. She felt the telltale bulge in his immaculate knee breeches stir and press against her and willed her body not to tremble. It was a long time since she had enjoyed the benefits of a willing cock ready to pleasure her.
"We told you months ago, we'll tell you now. We come as a package, both of us." He bent his head and kissed her. Her moth opened to let his tongue enter and mesh with her own. Cecy moaned; she had missed feeling him. Caleb, her lover and she had thought, the man she would wed.
Behind her she felt her skirts lifted and cool air wafted over her heated skin. The other man—her ex-lover—had lifted her skirts and was grinding his cloth-covered prick against her.
He nipped the nape of her neck, then licked and laved the spot as all the while Caleb's tongue mimicked the act of possession she yearned for.
"Well," Philippe spoke softly in her ear. "Do you give in? Let us take you as you want? As we want?"

Happy Reading,

love R x