Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Raven's Dozen... things I've learned since I've been published...

Sounds boring? I hope not. 

1,     I like writing sex. Yeah seriously I do. And when I'm writing a hot scene I type faster and faster. Then I get  dyslexic fingers and have to try and decipher what I've written. While I'm all hot and bothered! Who would know that Oillly was supposed to be pussy, and billpe was nipple? It took me a while to sort those out.  It's a standing joke between my family and friends that 'ravenfingers' is an actual condition.

2,     My voice is my voice. Like it or loath it, take it or leave it, this is what you get. (Yeah, it took me by surprise as well.)

3,    Oh how much I've learned and how much I still have to learn. It's a very steep curve and I love (almost) every minute of it.

4,     Big girl (or boy) panties are a necessity. Not everyone will love your work, or even like it. It's hard at times to remember that we are all entitled to our own opinion and that's what a comment/review is. One person's opinion. Listen to it, accept that is what it is and move on. (Easier said than done at times I admit. Chocolate helps.)

5,     Research, research and research. Woo Hoo. I love this bit, I really do. Google is my friend. Though *headbang* there is a reason for research. So 'The Book' can be written correctly, it's not just to pass five hours!

6,     A 'reditor' is your best friend. (red pen—or type—wielder) My lovely 'reditor' is a fellow writer Doris O'Connor and we do this favor for each other. It's a no holds barred read through, pull up ever little nit picking point you can. Not only is it fresh eyes, because we are good friends, we can be brutally honest. Let's face it, if your best mate tells you something doesn't work, then believe me, it doesn't.

7,     Making sure a situation is feasible is a must. Even when you have to contact a friend, and ask if you really could make love like x,y,z, because your DH is away. I did this, She said give me a sec! Half an hour later I got a message. Oh yes. And DH says thank you. That's what friends are for. (Hmm yeah, that should come under '5', but it deserves its own point.)

8,     Not everyone will like what you do. Writing is a major time suck, and once you're in the zone,  you're oblivious to everyone and everything. Well I am. It's a good idea to invest in an alarm so you know when to check the almost burnt offerings in the Aga, run the hoover over the floor and blow the dust away before DH comes home from a hard day at the coalface. 

9,     Have a goal and stick to it. That means it's got to be realistic. It would be lovely to say this is my job, and I'm going to write 8 hours a day, five days a week. Some lucky people might be able to do that. I ( and I suspect a lot, lot of others) can't. Something called life outwith writing gets in the way. You know silly things like shopping for food, cooking food, and yes, eating food. I learned early on that if I set my goals too high, I wouldn't make them, and its a big disappointment. Baby steps all the way are best. Then at the end of the day, if you overachieve... YEE HAAA.

10,     Moat of us won't make enough money to retire to the caribbean with a yacht and a pool boy. But the odd bottle of champagne on release day goes a long way to helping you accept this.

11,    Writing a blog like this is a great way to procrastinate. 

12,     Writing a blog like this is an ever better way to say THANK YOU to everyone who have helped me get to this point.

(Oh and showing you the fab cover for Cecilia's Claim, book Two in Behind Closed Doors, the Regency Series I'm writing with the lovely and talented Lee Brazil... Am I lucky or what?)

Everyone agreed the Brigstock family was unconventional. Just how unconventional could be somewhat of a shock...

She may have turned her men down once, but will she have the resolve to do it again? As danger gets ever closer, Cecy realizes her only chance of safety and happiness is with Caleb and Philippe. Will she risk everything and give them all the chance they need, or will she run?

 (published on 20th May by )


  1. and maybe I need to add 8a.... practice as I preach, and remember the alarm... ( Sorry June and dogs to keep you waiting )

  2. Great post :)

    The new release looks fab!


  3. I love your writing and you too. Great post x

  4. yeah, i love the latest cover.

  5. Great post Raven, I am sad that I can't have the yacht and the pool boy though - are you sure about that bit?!

  6. you might get them Zara, I can only dream...

  7. Great points - and congrats on the new cover! :)

  8. Gorgeous cover and an excellent effort at procrastination!

  9. You mean I am not sitting by a pool surrounded by hunky men, but instead in my living room surrounded by screeching kids? Well, damn, that explains the headache! ;-)

    Love the new cover, and always only too glad to help with rediting and 'research'.