Thursday, 23 May 2013

thumbs very firmly neither up or down Thursday...

Sometimes you can get giddy listening to's like being at a tennis match.

I'm saying this  because for several of my friends it's been a strange old week.

One got an enormous electricity bill, four times what it usually is at this time of the year, and she's only had half her radiators on... Weird. Now although that's very worrying and scary, the people at the electricity company, are  being very helpful.  They are trying their best to understand. The cost of each unit hasn't risen, the number of appliances is lower, but the units used are four times that of the last quarter? Something stinks doesn't it. Like I say, they ate all working together to sort the problem. So that's thumbs up and down... it doesn't stop a pensioner worrying though...

There was a knock on my door today. The remote monitor of our oil tank wasn't reading properly, so they'd come out to check...That is a thumbs up...

And on the writing front...

Yeah it's that old chestnut, Erotic writing... Why do we do it? Yup, I was asked not long ago if I had to write what I do. Couldn't I write something different? Now, I didn't say why should I, I just said no I couldn't this is what and how I write. In hindsight I should have added a quote from the minister of a church where I live. Obviously he'd been told I wrote erotic stories... After all half the village know I write Dirty Books, (their words not mine), and are split on whether that's good or bad... Anyway the minister just told me."You've got a gift from God, so use it."

How different from the church a friend goes to where her husband...her husband note, not her, was called before the elders due to her writing... I can't even begin to start where that is all so wrong. She is a person, she does have a voice ( oh does she lol) and she can speak for herself. The upshot is hubby will no longer teach at Sunday School, and they will find a less judgmental church. The thing that hit me, was they were told if she wrote under a pseudonym, It would be fine, because no one would know...


Hypocritical or what?

So much happens in life, and lets face it we're not on the earth long enough for the negativity that gores on. We're all different and why can't some people accept that? My kink is not your kink, my beliefs aren't yours and so on. As I told one person who was talking about my books bring filthy...No I didn't drop them in the do you know if you haven't read them...don't forget your opinion doesn't need to be the same as anyone else's...we're all different with different strengths and weaknesses, and thank goodness for that.

 I'm doing my best to put my faith in the let's all work together and make things happen brigade. Not easy I admit, but...


Happy reading be it hot or not...

R x


  1. Yay Raven! Definitely a thumbs up post!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I've been quietly simmering, and then I thought, No I need to blog it...

  2. Wow how different for you and your friend at the churches!


  3. Great post, Raven!

  4. That's awful about the comment from the church people. There are so many judgemental people in the world who open their mouths without thinking, sadly. I think yesterdays news about the Woolwich stabbing has highlighted that in extremes....but anyway I'm digressing, that's another matter. It's awful that they thought it would be fine if the author wrote under a pen name, why should she have to! Its a choice and it has nothing to do with anyone else...I do purely because of the line of work I do for the day job. Its sad that they have had to move away from their regular church but hopefully they will find somewhere more welcoming and open minded.

    As for the poor old pensioner, bless her. Electric bills are crippling! I'm dreadin gmy next one!

    (Oh dear...I have rambled on haven't I? Still this is Raven's Ramblings, right?) xx

  5. Love the post. I'm hovering between thumbs up or down at the minute...I'm waiting to hear back on two submissions! :S

  6. Great post. Thumbs down day for me. But seeing friends tomorrow so thumbs up day.

  7. Preach it, girlfriend! LOL. You're right, so many things happen that seem to counter-balance our lives. Great things go hand in hand with horrible things. One thing that will never be horrible is your (and your friend's) writing. Don't let people get you down, girls!

  8. Aw thank you to you all... and Sam, ramble on. Deadra, Thank you, I couldn't stop writing any more than I could give up chocolate