Tuesday 7 May 2013

A visit from Sage Marlowe

A visit from Sage Marlowe

Sage Marlowe’s First Anniversary Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest stop of my 1st Anniversary Blog Tour & Giveaway. Thanks for hosting me, Raven!
One year has passed since my successful debut novel, Sub-Mission, was released on May 14, 2012. A lot has happened during those twelve months. I’m taking the chance to look back and tell you a bit about the background of the books I’ve published, but also about things that happened in my life or that are on my mind. There’s one stop for every book, and of course, there are prizes waiting for you, because as always, good things for me mean good things for you, my dear friends and readers. Please read the “Giveaway” section below for details.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about families. Traditionally, a family consists of a mother, a father and any number of children, right? Right, but well, times are changing. If possible, I stay away from discussing political issues and I don’t want to look at political, let alone religious aspects of marriage equality and LGBT rights. Instead, I want to look at a family.
Meet Harley, a hunky pilot who is confident with his sexuality and likes his life as he does his (male) sex partners—easy. Harley is in no particular hurry to find Mr Right and starting a family has never even crossed his mind. Along comes Quinn, an outwardly conservative lawyer who, although he is attracted to men, rarely allows himself to give in to this desire and instead keeps up the façade of a happily married, successful career man.
Despite their opposing attitudes, the sex between them is hot and they even engage in a ménage with Quinn’s wife, Miranda. So far, so good. But when Miranda gets pregnant and dies, the two men find themselves in a prickly situation – they have each fathered a twin boy and while they agree that the kids should grow up together, neither of them is willing to give up his son.
Add to that the fact that Quinn is about as deeply in the closet as he and Harley are in love with each other, and you have the premise for Harlequin. But wait, why am I telling you this? Because I’m trying to promote my book, you probably think, and yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I’d love you to go and buy it but there’s more to this story, so bear with me.

Harlequin is probably the most controversial book I’ve written so far. The MF and ménage elements it contains are awkward rather than titillating because Harley is essentially gay and curious about sex with women at best. There’s the issue with the twins and their different dads, both Harley and Quinn have (off-page) sex with secondary characters and oh, of course, there’s a lot of angst due to Quinn’s being closeted which results in him not being the most loyal of partners to Harley. Harlequin was rejected by two publishers for those very reasons and because it required too much suspension of disbelief in the acquisition editors’ eyes. Especially the twins being fathered by two men was stretching it too far. (Hey, the chance for that to happen is a lot higher than that for winning the lottery…)

And I agree, Harlequin is not your typical romance novel. It is a book that mainly deals with the reality of a same-sex couple that is trying to make their relationship work and raise children in a society that struggles to accept them for who they are. Without this external conflict, their lives would be a lot easier—in fact, their lives would be a lot more like the typical romance novel most people are looking for and that is where this story would require suspension of disbelief, because really, how many gay people do you know that have never faced discrimination?

There was a lot on the news just a few weeks ago about marriage equality. I think society is still far away from accepting alternate lifestyles as equal, but it’s an important first step in the right direction. If all of us take that step and keep walking, chances are that one day it will indeed be normal to have families that consist of any number of children and a mum and a dad or two mums, two dads, three dads, a mum and two dads, three mums…any combination, really, because all that should matter is that the family members are happy with each other, their lives and themselves. And when that time has come, it will no longer require suspension of disbelief for people like Quinn to accept themselves for who they are and live their very own romance.

If you’re interested in Harley and Quinn’s story, here it is:

How can you become a family when you can’t admit to being a couple in the first place?

They're an unlikely couple—Harley Sinclair, pilot and openly gay, likes fast cars, easy boys, and late nights. Quinn Lancaster, lawyer and deep in the closet, likes his life quiet with just that little bit of extra spice that engaging in a ménage with his wife, Miranda, and Harley adds. Neither of them can admit that there might be more to this affair than just indecently hot sex.
A lie soon breaks them apart, but when Miranda dies in an accident, Harley and Quinn are reunited by an even more unlikely couple—twin sons with different fathers. While Harley is willing to commit to the responsibility of having a family, Quinn's fear that accepting Harley at his side will destroy everything he has worked for keeps them apart. But when Harley makes the ultimate sacrifice, Quinn realizes that sometimes, what appears to be the worst case isn’t quite so bad after all…

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  1. This is wonderful, Sage. I look forward to getting to know your writing, characters, and the story. Thank you for sharing!!

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