Sunday, 19 May 2013

#SexySnippets... Take a step back in time

As I have a book out tomorrow, my #SexySnippets, are from it...

Cecilia's Claim, book two in the Behind Closed Doors Regency series I'm writing with Lee Brazil

warning... H O T ...

Surely she wasn't excited? Her body told her otherwise. Her heart beat so fast and loud it was a wonder the two men she regarded didn't hear it. However the fact each had their cock thrust in the others mouth and their eyes closed probably rendered her invisible and unheard.

Her lover was busy as his hands touched and caressed the body of the man he fucked. The other man, whose face she couldn't see, grabbed Caleb's arse and his finger circled Caleb's anus and pushed inside. That simple act had her lifting her skirt to touch her quim, to put one finger inside herself and feel her heat and wetness. 

 Cecilia's Claim will be published on 20th May by

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  1. Wow-ee!

    Congrats on book 2 coming out! (I need to read book 1 still!)

    Dee x

  2. Wow Raven, think my laptop is smoking a little!


  3. Okay, I'm awake!! Scorching hot snippet, Raven!

  4. Oh, wow. Very hot! I look forward to read the whole book.

  5. I need a fan or a cold shower. Sexy!

  6. Pass the fan Alyssa and need cold water!

  7. Congratulations on your release tomorrow. It is HOT!