Monday 28 January 2013

When Raven is away...

*looks round furtively*

Is the coast clear? 

*sends Budda round the corner to distract grandma*

Psssst, step closer. I think I'm in trouble. Doris, here by the way. Mother of Raven's honoray grandson, who is doing a sterling job at distracting Raven.

I was supposed to have this blog post ready for her, and be all witty and glamorous (Stop laughing in that corner! I can pretend at least.) but you know what my hero did. Yeah, him Mr. Super-gorgeous-and don't I know it-Giorgio on the cover.

Well, apparently he is far too busy with Jemima to make an appearance here, and according to him the book should sell because he's on the cover. 


Yes, that was me, and trust me I'm not often lost for words!

Arrogant son of a wotsit. So what, if he has a point...?

So, I will have to leave you with just the cover, and an excerpt. Oh and a giveaway. Not that he will let me give him away for free. Oh no, there goes the eyebrow and he's scowling. Sheesh...

However, the other two Giovanni Cousins are much more accommodating. In fact, book one is currently only 99 cents on Amazon, so if you haven't met the Giovanni yet, now is your chance to get to know them.

And if you leave me a comment you  will be in with a chance to win either Too Hot To Handle or Too Cold To Love. Make sure you leave me your email address though.

And now, without further ado...

When Giorgio Giovanni tracks the troublesome Jemima down in a hospital bed in Italy, he has one thing on his mind—revenge. However, the fragile woman he encounters is not the devious female he remembers. When it becomes clear that she is in danger, he risks everything to keep her safe.

Left for dead, Jemima wakes up in hospital, terrified, and with no idea of her identity. The angry man, who comes to claim her, is the only link to a shared past she can't remember. A past that threatens to destroy them, and all she has ever held dear.

With danger all around them, and their sexual chemistry off the scale, can they find their way back to each other, or is the past too devious to tame?

Be Warned: anal sex, rimming, bondage, forced seduction, sex toys, physical abuse of heroine


Tears clouded her vision at the concern in his voice, and he swore and moved to untie her.
"No, I'm fine, really. Leave it. Show me how it should be, please. Help me to forget."
He stared at her for the longest time, one large hand, hot and heavy on her belly, his gaze so intense it took her breath away.  When he finally smiled, it lit up his harsh features. She didn't catch the murmured Italian words he mumbled under his breath, but the kiss that followed had her curl her toes into the bed with the effort to not release herself from her bonds and bury her hands in his hair to make him hurry up and fuck her.
He was breathing as heavily as she by the time he released her, and she bit back a moan when he simply ripped the rest of her dress off her. Her bra and knickers followed the fate of her dress, until she lay in front of him naked, wet, and wanting. He ran his knuckles slowly up and down her tummy in ever widening circles, and then reached across to the ice bucket with a slow grin.
"Shut your eyes for me, cara."   His voice had dropped an octave, and her stomach dropped right with it, seeing him hold a couple of ice cubes in his fingers. She shook her head and bucked off the bed, when he flicked his hand over her breasts. Ice cold drops of water fell on her skin and trickled between the valley of her breasts. He licked the drops away, his warm tongue taking away the coldness left by the water.
"Shut your eyes, trust me. This will be so much better for you when you can't see what I'm doing." He kissed a path down her quivering tummy, and she blinked back tears at the tender way he caressed her abdomen. He paused to drop a long kiss just above her pubic bone, and his hot breath teased her wet folds. Her clit tingled, and she shut her eyes, as he renewed his request for her to do so. She couldn't see what he was doing, but the bed dipped as he adjusted his weight again. His hot mouth closed over one of her nipples at the same time as the other was subjected to an ice cube being circled around it.
She gasped at the intense sensation, and Giorgio swapped sides. The difference between his warm mouth and tongue and the ice cube sent her body into spasms of need. She writhed under him, and he laughed. Again and again he repeated the process all along her body. A path of ice, followed by the warmth of his tongue as he licked the icy trails away, leaving fiery awareness in its wake. By the time he finally reached her pussy, she was hovering on the brink of orgasm. She whimpered her need when he pushed an ice cube high into her channel and then proceeded to lick around her clit, careful to never touch her when she needed him most. The melting ice cube mixed in with her own juices and trickled slowly out her hole. Her pussy clenched, and she didn't recognize the needy voice pleading with him to please do something.
He blew against her slit and shouldered her legs wider.
"Così bello, e tutto mio."   He followed the words with a kiss, and she screamed when he pulled her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, at the same time as he pushed another ice cube into her empty channel. Her walls closed around the slippery object, and spasmed wildly as the first quivers of her orgasm hit. Giorgio groaned into her core and stepped up his sweet torture on her clit. When he pushed two fingers into her core, and massaged her sweet spot, the intensity of her orgasm hit her with the full force of freight train.
"That's it, tesoro, fly for me." He caught her scream of release in his mouth, and she could taste herself in the passionate kiss he gave her, dimly aware of him withdrawing his fingers and replacing them with his cock. Thick, hard, and so very long he filled her completely as he pushed into her swollen core, until he was seated to the hilt. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her feet into his calves to give him better access and to take him as deep as she could. He started thrusting, every move driving him deeper into her, and tumbling her right over the edge again, as her inner muscles contracted around his thick member. Faster and faster he pumped, his harsh breathing in her ear the most erotic sound ever, his hands and lips seemingly everywhere, arousing every little bit of skin he touched until her whole body was a mass of sensation. Again her body climbed toward that peak of sheer joy, and this time Giorgio was with her every step of the ecstatic journey they took together. Her eyes flew open, and she drowned in the rolling depths of emotion she saw reflected in his, as they came together in their explosive release.
When her body finally stopped shaking, she could taste the salt of tears in her mouth. Giorgio kissed them off her face, and he released her from her bonds, and pulled her into his embrace. She had to smile at his grumbled, "If this is pretending, then I hate to see what will happen when we do this for real."

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  1. Wow!

    Eventually just bought book 1!!

    Excited to meet these guys ;)


  2. Wow Doris that excerpt is hot! I can't wait to read this book. Sounds amazing!

    And lol at your post. You and Raven crack me up! :-)


    1. *grins*

      Thanks for stopping by Megan :-)

  3. If Budda is sick from mega chocolate and ice is so NOT my fault... he made me give it to him...

  4. *giggle* You ladies!

    And Doris, this ....*Be Warned: anal sex, rimming, bondage, forced seduction, sex toys, physical abuse of heroine*

    **blinks** *gimme hands* Ooo, baby! Between that, the blurb and excerpt, sounds soooo yummmy!

    Off to Amazon to make a purchase! ;-)

    Mega smoooches to you two! LOVE you both!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. Enjoy! ;-)

  5. Great excerpt and that's a super hot cover!

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  6. I forgot to say, I'll pick a winner on Friday :-)

  7. Amazing excerpt that definitely caught my attention! Good luck on the release!!

  8. Definitely going to purchase all of your Giovanni clan books...this is seriously hot stuff mama D! :-)

    1. *big grin*

      Thanks, Samantha :-)

  9. Looks hot like all of your work :)

  10. *drum roll*

    I have a winner. Chosen by random selection, the winner is Kim S.