Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday titbit...

An occasional post to chat, gossip and maybe moan.

 Feel free to join in...

Why do we always seem to have all of the above in abundance? I'm going to add celebrations in here as well, just to add some razzamatazz.

This week, I'm wondering, did you all survive the holiday period with no major rows, broken toys, lap tops and phones? No imminent divorce proceedings (unless you instigated them and were glad to do so) and no DT's.

Me? I wonder who decreed a two week break is a good thing?

I have my routine. Yes I know, and you know it revolves around coffee, chocolate, walks in the woods and writing, but it is a routine. It does not involve bloody day time TV, raised eyebrows at my choice of lunch (see above re routine) and a  deep-sighing man flu infested DH. Oh the joys.

Don't get me wrong, I love my DH, and his habit of bringing wine o'clock forward is excellent. But sitting in my study, bunging the TV on, and moaning my chair is in the way is so not on. I like a wee bit of Chris Evans, Ken Bruce and pop master (in a most un-sexual way) then the radio goes off. Silence except for the cats yowling to get in/out/for food/ been sick/want a stroke etc, the log lorries thundering up the road, and my muttering. OPerfect.

DH went back to work yesterday, and ohh how silent and empty the house seems. I'm wandering around, waiting for a curse as his new speakers still won't work, the rattle as he clears the grate out (dammit I'm going to have to do it again now) and the daytime banal TV echoing through a room he left ages ago.

To say nothing of the remote clutched in his sticky little mitt and him fast asleep on the settee. But can you grab the control and turn the TV over? Bwahaha. No chance.

So to make the house a little less silent, or a little less empty, I added this to a WIP...

And to give you all a Tuesday treat, I'm sharing...

Caleb's eyes were closed and he held tight to Cecy's waist. She moved her hands to her own nipples and Philippe watched as she took hold of each nub and pinched, harder it seemed than he had dared.
Damn I wish it were my fingers on her. He vowed next time it would be so. He watched as her shuddering climax threatened to spill Caleb from her. How Caleb held himself back before he withdrew and spilled over her back Philippe though it was one of the hottest sights he had ever seen. It was enough to tip him over the edge. With one hard tug of his hand he came, his seed flew in an arc and fell to the grass to shine its presence in the gently moving blades. His heaving chest and irregular breath matched those of his companions. Caleb moved and lay prone on the grass, as Cecy collapsed onto her front.  Philippe sat on his arse and leaned over his legs.
Slowly, each one's breathing lessened from harsh to normal. Philippe took one last deep breath.
 "That," he said. "For one who was but a voyeur, was perchance one of the hottest things I have experienced. To see you both thus, was one stage less than my ultimate desire."

It sure livened up my day... how about yours?

Anyone got any idea where I've stashed the chocolate?

Love R x


  1. Loved your tidbit! My house is strangely quiet too, today, cause kids are back at school. It takes me a few days to get used to it though, to really appreciate it.

    As for the chocolate, no idea....

    *cleans budda up quickly*

  2. Naughty and interesting. I'm stuck in the office trying to sneakily email paragraphs from my phone and wondering why the tea club budget doesn't stretch to biscuits.

  3. Afternoon!

    Ooh I like these tidbits! Both kids were back at school today here too, but no peace as we had to go to tesco!

    Oh I love chocolate! Not so good for my diabetes though :(

    We survived the holidays with no major arguments etc, but with 2 autistic children it was never a quiet time!