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10 things about Cinder and Henri you simply MUST know

Kayla Jameth shares secrets today

Ten Things about Cinder and Henri
1.     Cinder and Henri live in 16th century France because "From the Ashes" is a Cinderfella, an m/m retelling of the French fairy tale Cinderella. The Île-de-France is a romantic setting and I can use all kinds of French endearments, incidentally both muddying the waters and making everything clear to the French speakers in my audience.
2.     When Cinder's father dies, he finds himself forced into his stepsister's cast offs at the tender age of 8 and renamed Cinderella. Now Cinder is approaching maturity, but because of a poor diet, he still doesn't look like a young man. Delayed puberty has kept him small, his voice from changing, and hair from sprouting in inconvenient places but, the changes are starting to occur in his body.
3.     For anyone who is unfamiliar with French, cendres in the French word for ashes and is the root word for Cinderella, little ash girl. Since Cinderella comes from the ashes, it seemed like the perfect title for my tale of how Cinder rises from the ashes of his life.
4.     Cinder has his very own fairy godmother. It's too bad she's such a ditz.
5.     Dressed in a conjured gown and glass slippers, Cinder looks better in a dress than either one of his stepsisters does. Although, he won't thank you for saying that.
6.     Henri wants to think of himself as a self-made man in an era when most of the notables weren't. He's more down to earth than one would expect from the French Orléans court.
7.     Cinder doesn't turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, but he returns to the life of a drudge. After a magical night with the man of his new dreams, I'm not sure which is worse.
8.     A twink and still a virgin, Cinder is only now catching other men's eyes. He may be new to all this, but he's a quick study. He's not just the shy blushing lover that Henri thought he was. Henri soon finds out he may have bitten off more than he can chew.
9.      Henri is a man of the world. He's done things Cinder has never even heard of. Because of his status potential lovers seek him out.
10.  Together, they are each other's dreams come true. And they discover that happily ever after is not something that only happens for other people.

Short blurb: Cinder is not just another pretty face. He aspires to be his own man, but finds himself longing to belong to another man.
Long blurb: Cinder never thought that he could rise from the ashes of his life, but an unexpected encounter with a woman claiming to be his fairy godmother may be just what he needs. Finding himself flung into his very own fairy tale, she sends him off to meet his Prince Charming. But was the gown really necessary?

Cinder glanced around. Paper lanterns floated in the trees, lined the walks, and graced the gazebo near the reflecting pool, giving the grounds a mystical air. Their warm glow caught the dancing jets of the fountain splashing merrily to his right. The musical, crystalline tones carried on the night wind’s breath. He was reminded of the enchanted gardens in the fairy tales his father had read to him when he was a child. What would happen to him if he dared walk there?
Henri led him toward the gazebo. Soon he would find out.
The cool breeze caressed his uncovered neck. Cinder shivered at the ethereal touch. Henri turned to him, the question clear in his eyes, but he didn’t know how to answer. Instead he breathed in the tangible scent of rich earth and flowing water, hoping to calm his bounding heart.
Henri lightly stroked his arm. Cinder’s breath caught at the silky brush of the other man’s fingers. He drew another shaky breath. Henri may have meant to soothe him; instead his touch set Cinder’s wayward body aflame.
They left the last of the courtiers behind as they entered the dim interior of the fanciful pavilion. Vines climbed its intricately carved posts, perfuming the air within. The music and voices of the aristocrats faded away. Only a single intrepid nightingale could be heard over the cheerful burbling of the fountain. Hidden from the rest of the court, an unworldly sense of peace filled him. Was his very own fairy tale about to come true?
Bespelled and bemused, he could feel the magic in every beat of his heart, in every trembling breath he drew.
Once inside the bower, Henri reached to cup Cinder's cheek. Unused to being touched, he nearly flinched away but managed to still, heart pounding, before giving himself away. The older man's thumb slid across his cheekbone and came to rest lightly on his mouth. Why did he want to lean into that caress?
The other man's warm, slightly musky scent filled his nostrils, drowning his senses.
Henri's other hand wrapped around his waist and drew him close. He leaned closer while tipping Cinder's face upwards. Cinder's breath left him in a rush, stirring the noble’s hair. Henri was all that he could see, his mouth slowly, carefully descending toward Cinder’s. If he allowed this, the other man might discover his deception. He couldn’t risk that, so why then did he ache to feel Henri’s kiss? Their lips brushed, light as thistle down.
Surprisingly, Henri's mouth was soft and warm upon his own. After a moment, it pressed more firmly against his. Something fluttered in his chest, trying to get out.
Cinder didn't think to pull away until he felt Henri's tongue seeking entrance. The hand on his face slipped to his nape and held firm. He froze in shock, not even daring to breathe, as flames rushed through his body. The very beat of his heart betrayed him.
The questing tongue stroked his lips and pushed between them. It slid over his teeth, seeking to enter. When he protested, Henri swept in and began a lazy, sensuous exploration that left him breathless.
Soon he found himself returning the caress. Henri responded to his fledgling attempts by pulling him closer and moaning into his mouth. He had never experienced anything so sensual and erotic. He fed his own needy pleas to the other man one at a time.
Finally they separated slightly, Cinder panting heavily, trying to catch his breath. Was Henri as affected by their kiss as he was? A quick glance confirmed Cinder was not alone in his arousal. Flushed and gasping, Henri gazed at him with eyes full of wonder and something unnamed smoldering in their depths.

A knight and a former princess, Kayla Jameth now spends her time writing m/m romance. A true Renaissance woman, she has done everything from cross stitch like a proper lady to welding with the best of them. An eclectic life has left her with a unique understanding of the world inhabited by men and an appreciation for the difficulties faced by men in m/m relationships. It is her devout wish that her experiences translate into a richer telling of such tales.
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