Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday

Hi all and welcome to another Thumbs up Thursday. How are you?

Today I have a big thumbs up to one of my very favorite heroes, Sven from  Scandinavian Scandal by my mate, writing buddy, and reditor the lovely Doris O'Connor. I make no bones about the fact we are friends, and I hold the very special title of honorary grandma to Budda her youngest. 

However that has nothing to do with my love affair with Sven. That started long before my love affair with Budda.

Sven took my fancy the minute I was introduced to him. The way he's described, I can see him in front of me. The way he talks is in my ears, in my mind, and sends shivers down my spine. Never mind anyone else, I think he's there for me. In fact I do have a cameo role so to speak in his and Sylvia's story.
(check the book out and drool over the stepladder scene...)

The thumbs up to Sven is for demanding Doris told his story the way he wanted it, and no other way. For pantster authors, of which I'm one, it can be a scary roller coaster ride when your characters tell you you're wrong, and you must do as they say.

Once you do, life gets a little—but only a little—easier. interesting, still scary when you're faced with writing something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, but blooming exciting.

What's pushed you out of your comfort zone lately? Any comment with the word 'strictly' in it will go into the Thumbs Up Thesaurus and monthly surprise draw...

Happy reading,

love R xx

P.S. If you want to drool... here's a buy link for my gorgeous Sven, but remember, after Sylvia I get first dibs.


  1. Aww, Sven is rather fond of that Mrs Robinson too.
    Though he strictly forbids Jo from climbing up any any more ladders! :-)

  2. Mutter grumble, puts step ladder away