Thursday, 3 January 2013

New year... new blog post...Thumbs up Thursday from Ravenwood.

Hi we are, into a new year. Now I'm not making resolutions, because there's no easier way not to achieve your goal.

However I'm unveiling some new ideas for my blog.

Lots more guests. I'm aiming for 3 a week, so feel free to ask for a space.

More general blogging from me, because I need to get my finger out and communicate. So many people are good enough to read, follow and comment, I'd better make sure you have something new to read.

And this... Thumbs Up Thursday from Ravenwood...

Now this is not a review per se. Some weeks who knows what you'll get? But let me explain before you throw old bits of carpet, rotten fruit, and assorted cutlery at me. The explanation is in the title. Thumbs up...

A general yay this is good about whatever has taken my eye. So it may be a book review... it may (but not likely as I hate the cinema) be a film review. It could be a blog, a post, a word or some scenery. You'll have to read to find out. I'm not into slagging off, being derogatory or depressing, this is a celebration  of positives...

I'd better start with a good one eh?

So for the first thumbs up for the new year...

To everyone who finished a M/S and subbed it, whether it was accepted or not, you have achieved something lots of people only ever dream of. You are winners and deserve a thumbs up. 

And word of the week is extraordinary...  Now if you comment and use that word in your comment, I'll put it in my monthly Thumbs up thesaurus. Once a month (hopefully first thursday, but hey this is me...) a random draw will give one winner something Thumbsupworthy!

So, what do you think? If you have something Thumbsupworthy you think should be included, please email me at and I'll have a wee peek...

Happy reading

R x

PS... another big thumbs up is needed here. To The Nuthouse Scribblers, Doris O'Connor, Cherie Nicholls, Jorja Lovett, Arya Grey, Michaela Rhua, Brenda Brakeaway, Alanna Harte, Ursula C. Williams, and me! Our first self published book has just been released...
Wine and Nine...


  1. Raven,
    A couple of extraordinary things happened to me last year ; I met a writer by a swimming pool in South Africa and as a result of that meeting the second extraordinary thing happened - I wrote a book!
    And then a third extraordinary thing happened.... it got accepted.
    Which means that this year's extraordinary thing will be when it's published.

  2. And that deserves a big Thumbs Up

  3. I think you're an extraordinary person, Raven (and I give you a big thumbs up!) ;) lol

  4. Fab idea for a blog feature, and I agree with Xandra. You're an inspiration, Raven, so a big thumbs up from me to you. xx

  5. ah I'm all over blushing now... It's the help and encouragement from friends that helps

  6. Good Morning Raven. I echo all the above...what a fabulous idea from an extraordinary lady!

  7. Love the positive vibe. This is an excellent way to go into the new year.

  8. I actually just finished Blameless by Gail Carriger, a rather extraordinary tale that happens to be book #3 in the series. Such a heroine with her trusty parasol! I think we should all have one. Especially if it shoots out tea, whisky, and chocolate and downloads yoga podcasts. Happy New Year!

  9. I look forward to your new blog posts Raven. And what an extraordinary group of ladies we are! Wine and Nine is doing so well and I'm so proud!