Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ann B. Harrison...On Taming The Outback


1. Libby was left the farm by a relative she barely knew. It was the chance she needed to get her kids out of the city and give her dead end job the flick.

2. Never write off Libby because she looks like a simpering city girl that can't hold her own. This chick has guts.

3. Like a lot of ladies, Libby can't go past the bad boy. Is it his surly attitude that she wants to prove wrong or is it the way he stands in front on her, hands on hips that has her mouth watering that she can't turn from? You be the judge of that one.

4. Libby is stubborn. Sex is a thing of the past for her. So when things wake up that make her squirm in the night, look out Nathan.

5. Family means everything to her.

6. Nathan is bitter for a very good reason but Libby thinks he has taken it just a little bit overboard.

7. As much as he might want to take her to bed, Nathan thinks she should run back to the city where he thinks she belongs. If you aren't born and bred to the country, you don't belong in his book.

8.  Nathan is too scared to let his heart lead the dance with Libby. She does something to him that no one else has managed to do. It scares him.

9. Under the brusque exterior, he is a softie but don't you dare tell him that if you value your job.

10. Nathan goads her to leave the farm. On one hand he wants her gone, on the other he is worried that she will go.


Libby is set on taming the outback as she takes over Quincy Station, but can she tame her rough neighbor, Nathan's, hardened heart as well?
Nathan Miller rattles Libby's nerves more than she cares to admit. He is the one person that stands between her and the family home that has been left to her. So why then does the man stir her up to such an extent, her body pulses with the need to have him? They do nothing but clash and snap at one another, and he makes no bones about the fact she shouldn't be Quincy's Station's new owner, but back in the city where he thinks she belongs.

Having had an unpleasant clash with a "city girl" once before, Nathan does not think Libby has it in her to stick it out. He refuses to give in to his urges. But when Mother Nature brings chaos to Quincy Station and threatens Libby's children, he'll either be proved right in his assumptions or find his barriers taken down by a stubborn woman and her kids.






  1. Sounds like a gripping read, Ann, with powerful emotions in an unforgiving landscape. I love a great Aussie setting and characters and Taming the Outback is now added to my TBR list. All the best.

  2. I think that someone need to turn on the air-con, find the pedestal fan and dig out great-aunt Minnies feather fan. Taming the Outback sounds hot...hot...hot! Who doesn't love a bad-boy? And square him up against a woman who knows what she wants - there will be fireworks.

  3. I really enjoyed reading Taming the Outback when it was released last year. Great read!