Monday, 14 January 2013

Ann B. Harrison, Kate and Magnus...

Ann B. Harrison is here to tell us...

Ten things you should know about Kate and Magnus.

Over to you Ann

1. Kate is left the family farm when her father dies. Little does she know, she is penniless and in debt.

2. She will do anything to save the farm and begs the bank to help her out. They don't listen.

3. She know her father was trying to bargain with the new owner next door to sell him water rights. It seemed like a good idea until he added a wish of his own to the agreement.

4. Kate is holding onto her virginity until she meets the right man. It's a pity that Magnus isn't looking to settle down yet.

5. Kate falls for Magnus in a big way.

6. Magnus has taken over his Grandfathers farm and wants to turn it into a cattle and horse stud.

7. Kate's farm has the best water supply in the valley and he wants it.

8. Magnus has a soft side that he keeps hidden except to those closest to him.

9. He has been burnt badly, losing his wife and unborn child.

10. He is looking for nothing more than someone to warm his bed but gets more than he bargained for with Kate.

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