Sunday, 13 January 2013

#sexysnippets—From Silver Silk Ties

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As book two in The House On Silk Street, A Shimmer Of Silk is due to be released on January 17th, today's sexy seven are from book one Silver Silk Ties.

Araminta knew what she wanted, and being left on her wedding night was not it. Finding her husband in the notorious house on Silk Street, she hoped her luck had changed. Perhaps this would not be the marriage of convenience she feared. If only she could persuade him that she was indeed the sub he needed.

Meeting his new wife at the one place all deep dark desires could be satisfied, Felton wondered if he had been mistaken? Was this a marriage of mutual passion and ideals? Would she truly obey? There was only one way to find out, test her submission.

and your sexy seven...

Felton smiled. His eyes crinkled—her pulse raced. The look smoldering in them was enough to make her legs go weak. If he had at that moment demanded anything of her, she would have given it willingly.

Oh, sweet Lord, I want him. I want to be with him as a woman should, and acquiesce to every demand. Pray it happens soon.

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