Sunday, 27 January 2013

#sexysnippets...a second snippet from A Shimmer of Silk

This week we learn a little bit more about Oliver, from A Shimmer Of Silk

Here's the blurb...

Deborah may not know the full truth of her childhood, but she knows she needs to find her soul.
During one of her performances at Silk Street, she attracts the attention of Oliver, Lord Craster. Known for his extreme tastes, he sensed a kindred soul in Deborah.
Persuading her that their needs mesh proves a challenge, even to a man of his experience.
Will Oliver be the man she needs to unlock her secrets? Or will his dominance scare her too much to even try?
Are the nightmares simply too strong?

And here's the #sexysnippets

The look of anticipation, of hope, and something indefinable, seared him. A swath of heat cut through his body, sending his senses onto high alert, and his cock stiff with hope. He had to have her, and soon. His prick was so rigid, one tap and it would snap, one stroke and it would release its treasures. He wanted neither yet. The sharing of each other was to be sipped and savored, not gulped. When he came, wherever and however, it would be after she had experienced her own sweet climax.

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A Shimmer Of Silk is available from Evernight Publishing, Amazon All Romance Ebooks and Bookstrand


  1. I do like a man on a mission :-)

  2. "release its treasures" Love it. :-)

  3. ....I do like a man who puts his lady's needs before his own ;-) x

  4. 'sipped and savored'...just the way to make love. :)