Sunday, 6 January 2013

SexySnippetsFrom The Nuthouse

You might not realize it but when I have to schedule something specific I freak... like this. I've worried over it all week.

If it's wrong don't throw things at me unless it's chocolate.

So my sexy seven are from Teaching Teacher...

A week is a long time in a state of permanent arousal. Ruari found that while absence might make the heart grow fonder, it also made the cock grow harder. He’d never been one who minded taking things in hand, however, he found himself taking cold showers instead. He’d wait until Seb made him come or until it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. Either way, he was practicing abstinence. Hadn’t he read somewhere it was good for you?
Whoever said that is a liar.

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love R x


  1. Ooh abstinence!

    Got this one ready to read on my kindle, just need to get round to reading it!


  2. Lol, Raven, you did goooood. No throwing anything from me - well maybe a naked Johnny Depp?

    Loved your snippet :-)

  3. LOL. Good luck to him on that one. I loved the humour in this snippet, Raven.

  4. Finally Teaching Teacher in print! Abstinence is overrated let's see how long he holds out.

  5. Ha, thanks all, well if you read the book you'll see just how he copes *wink*

  6. I do love Ruari and Seb's book!