Sunday, 24 March 2019

#SundaySnippet—where Iona confronts her now ex-best mate.

It's Sunday again, and time for my, yes, you've guessed it #SundaySnippet.

This week, It's from a new WIP, and as yet, it hasn't told me if it is a Raven book, or a Katy Lilley—my softer sweeter side. All I can say is I'm having so much fun writing it.

Iona returns home early to find her best mate—from that moment on her ex-best mate in bed with Iona's husband.

later on she mets the mate to confront her...

So, here's your seven sentences...oops I've counted wrongly—it's er.... needed?

“A bit of a dominant sort then?”
Susie rolled her eyes. “You better believe it, I’ve spent all afternoon pleasing him.”
 Well you spent half the afternoon pleasing someone in any case, though unless you’ve changed jobs lately it wasn’t your boss. Iona took a deep breath. “Funny how I’ve never seen him like that.”
“What...who...what do you mean?” Susie asked as she opened her eyes wide. 

“The man you spent the afternoon my husband. Why do you need to screw him when you’ve got a husband of your own?”

I'll let you know how this goes... At the moment, I'm doing as they tell me and writing the thing. I have my own ideas of course, but that doesn't mean they will happen.

Happy reading,
have a great Sunday

love, Raven xx

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