Sunday, 10 March 2019

The Sunday Snippet, AKA #SundaySnippet #HappySunday

Hi everyone, happy Sunday

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As some of you will know Doris O'Connor and I, along with some others, used to do #SexySnippets every (well most) Sundays. 7 sentences from a book or WIP

Now, as I am writing less these days (but trying hard to write more—there's been a lot of 5am starts lately), I know I can't guarantee sexy, but I thought, I can do seven sentences.

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So my Sunday posts will now be #SundaySnippet. Seven sentences as before, hopefully interesting and good enough to grab your attention, but not necessarily sexy. 
Today's seven sentences come from the Regency due out in May, The Viscount mets his match (Up for your wishlist soon at Totally Bound here )


How to persuade the lady your interest is genuine? No easy task. Has the Viscount has met his match, or can he win and claim a wife?
What do you do when your father has no faith in you?
Ignore him.
David, Viscount Suddards’ father, assumes—wrongly—that David gambles deep and has had an affair with a married lady before she has given her husband an heir. Enraged, his father issues an ultimatum. Marry within three months or lose everything that is not entailed.
David refuses. If that’s what his father thinks of him, he can go to the devil. He will marry when he is ready and not before.
What a shock then, a year later, when the one woman he is interested shows no interest in him!
It’s up to him to persuade her he’s the right husband for her, and when he does…sparks fly. Can these two strong-willed people ever learn how to compromise and find that in fact they are the perfect match?

and your seven sentences...

“Then you didn’t climb those lampposts and put ladies’ hats on them all or swim naked at Brighton under a full moon?” she asked quizzically, then blushed as if she had just realized she had committed the sort of faux pas no well-brought-up female should ever do. Commenting on a gentleman’s less-civilized activities. However the flush went as fast as it appeared and to David, seemed unreal. Yet something else to ponder on.

 Life was becoming interesting. His body sizzled with the thrill of the chase. Perhaps not sexual—yet—but a definite hint of interesting things to come.

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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