Wednesday, 6 March 2019

#MidWeekTease time With a lady who isn't impressed with her mates choice of an evening out.

Told you I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.

Yep, it's #MidWeekTease time

And today in celebration of my book out yesterday, the 2nd boxed set of Diomhair, here's a tease from the first box set. (That does make sense honest)

available here (or from Amazon uk or Totally Bound)

Diomhair—What happens there, stays there...

blurb... Secrets Scared

They say never share a secret. Sometimes, though, it’s the only thing to do.
Jess is looking forward to her night out clubbing with her best friend, but her anticipation turns to dismay when she realises the venue is a BDSM club not the disco she’d envisioned. After a disastrous experience with the lifestyle in her past, she’s adamant she wants nothing to do with it now.
David agreed to pick up his friend’s sister as a favour, and is surprised to find himself instantly attracted to the fiery Jess. The experienced Dom recognises Jess’ bluster for what it is—fear. There is no doubt in his mind that Jess is submissive, but getting her to accept that fact will take some doing.
David is determined to help her, but it is up to Jess to accept. When Jess does give in to her secret desires, can she truly let go and be the sub David is looking for, or will she hold onto her secrets?
At Diomhair you never know what will happen in the end.

and your wee tease...

"Jessie love, I maybe need to tell you exactly where we’re going. Before the car gets here.”
Oh ho. Jess’s body clenched. She’d seen that particular look on her friend’s face before.
“Go on.” She did her best to keep the wariness out of her voice and was sure she hadn’t. “And stop shoving that pelmet at me, no way am I going anywhere in that.”
“Diomhair, it’s Gaelic for—”
“I know what it’s for.” Why hadn’t she made the connection earlier? “Secret. Oh shit, don’t tell me it’s some weird pop up place, and we’re blindfolded to get in? Oh no, Kath, no, no, no, you’re not dragging me into anything weird. Not again. That shop in town was bad enough.” Jess blushed as she remembered the bondage shop Kath had dragged her into. She’d chosen to ignore the way her nipples had puckered when she’d seen clamps and chains designed for that part of the body, and her juices had gushed looking at a clit clamp and various jewellery to decorate it. Once she’d worked out what it was meant for, that was. She might have the idea she was fairly street wise, but Jess knew now, that whatever she’d done she was a babe in arms compared to a lot of people—Kath probably being one.
Kath howled with laughter, then sobered. “Where do you think I got this from?” She ran her hands over the bustier. “Look, hon, you said you wanted to get out of your rut. Jeff and I decided this was the best way. Hell, I reckon if you’ll let yourself, you’ll not only enjoy the night, you’ll be more than interested to indulge.”
“Whatever you fancy. Oh, Jess, don’t look like you’re going to watch an execution, you don’t have to do anything. Hell, you can stop in the bar and drink orange juice if that’s your preference, but you did say it was up to me to shake you up a bit.”
“Hmm there’s shaking, and there’s shaking.” Jess knew she sounded less than enthusiastic. “So, what exactly are we going to?” The way Kath looked at her made her heart pound and her stomach churn. She wasn’t going to like the answer she was sure. “Fess up.”
“BDSM play night.”

She was correct, she didn’t. 

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Happy reading, 

love Raven xx

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