Thursday, 28 March 2019

#evernighties What I learned when I researched my book

And that is a puzzler...

Because, now I'm scratching my head and thinking, hmm...which book.

I've decided to be vague, because different books need different research. Some just need my imagination—or a vacation.

However let's talk Regency.

That's when I rub my hands together. I love history, especially social history. Finding out how people lived how they got on with their lives and each other. The hierarchy, the clothes, just everything. 

I do get a bit carried away though. Start at a, end up at z, and nowhere near what I need to know. 😉

However one of the most interesting things for me was when I researched a Regency set in Scotland and discovered prior to 1856, no period of residency was required to marry, and you could be as young as 14 for a male and 12 for a female. Nor did you need parental consent. (You still don't)

Not only that, a wedding did not have to be conducted by a preacher, (hence 'over the anvil' at Gretna Green) and as long as two people heard you plight your troth, you were married... In Scotland.

However, not necessarily in England. So think of all the ramifications that could cause. Bigamy, under age... So much there to write about.

Which of course I did.

happy reading,

love Raven xx

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  1. went to a wedding at the "Anvil" at Gretna a few years back - hubby's sister and her partner - no idea why they finally bit the bullet but it was kinda diffent to any wedding I'd been to before