Friday, 29 March 2019

#NineFotTheWeekend... Nine facts you may or may not know about... Joy Pratt

(Plus, one she might not know either 😜)


Welcome to a new, weekly (If I can twist enough arms) feature, where we discover nine facts about someone, their book or their characters.

This week, The lovely Joy Pratt, reader and friend agreed to be my guinea pig. 

Thanks, Joy, over to you.


*deep Breath* Here we go...

i have 5 children.

1 grandson.

I've met and spoken to Margaret Thatcher.

I've been to a house where the lead singer of Supergrass lives.

(Pic, courtesy of facebook)

I ride pillion on our Triumph night storm.

I work for a hospice shop volunteering.

i have met Frank Warren the boxing agent.

i love sealions.

My husband is 9 years younger than me


Wow, thank you so much Joy, love those,

And... my snippet. My Gran married a man called Fred Pratt... we could be related by marriage!

Happy reading,

Love, Raven xx

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