Sunday, 31 March 2019

#SundaySnippet —Middle of the night visit from my muse

 I almost forgot it was Sunday, until my lovely hubby said 'Would you like a cuppa in bed?' a good hour before he usually gets up.

I'd been awake for three hours in the middle of the night, trying to convince my muse I didn't want any more plot ideas at the moment, thank you very much. As ever muse didn't listen (see below), so I was in bed later than usual, and did a sort of muttered yes please.

Then he came in with a card and said Happy Mother's Day. (aww)

Anyway that's got nothing to do with my #SundaySnippet. The middle of the night muse gave me that.

So here's your snippet

He removed the crash hat to reveal a shock of copper coloured curls, shook his head so the curls danced all over the place and grinned.

"Amos Kirby, at your service."

Louisa blinked and swallowed as she did her best not to ogle him too obviously. Oh, I wish. "Louisa Trent." And I'd love to be at your service. "Er, why are you here?"

"According to your brother, you've got a wedding to go to and no partner. I'm your partner." His voice lowered to the octave that sent shivers down every woman's spine—in the nicest possible way.

"Moss Kirby, star of stage and screen and all those other cliches, accompanying me, as my partner to my mates wedding? No one would believe it."

He patted her shoulder. "Oh yeah of little faith. Want to bet on it? I'm an actor. By the end of five minutes they'll all believe I'm madly in love with you, and you're the one holding back."


And there you have it... Well a little bit of it. I Now have to decipher pencil written notes scribbled on bits of paper by the light of my phone.

Watch this space.

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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  1. Oh, this sounds intriguing. Get your muse to give you more. :-)