Wednesday, 23 May 2018

#MidWekTease, where Jess wonders why she is so apprehensive

It's that time again...

Hi all, here's this week's #MidWeekTease

The other day, I drove past the ruined castle I used (when I'd rebuilt it of course) for the Diomhair, series. So I thought I'd tease with a bit from Secrets Remembered, the first book.

Diomhair—what happens there, stays there.

and your tease...

(Kath has decided Jess will go to Diomhair, just to see what it's like. She's not so keen)

The cab wasn’t what she’d call a cab. It was a black limo with the rear windows dark. Standing by the door and holding it open was the most drop-dead hunk of a guy she’d seen in a long while. Her clit went into overdrive and sent

messages pulsing through her body, and her juices out of her pussy to soak her knickers. If he was a chauffeur, his uniform was unusual to say the least. Indigo blue denims and a black silk shirt fit as if they had been sprayed onto him and there was a black leather jacket thrown carelessly on the seat next to him.
He stared at her with dark almost-black eyes, his face blank. All of a sudden, the arousal Jess had felt dried up faster than an oasis in the midst of a desert summer. She shook,
not with arousal, but with worry. Something about him, and the way he watched her so closely, spelled trouble.
It seemed Kath had no such qualms as she waved to him as they approached the car. Jess had no chance to hang back because Kath held her as tight as a limpet clung to a rock.
“Thank you, Ma—David. This is Jessica.”
Jess had no time to wonder what her companion had been going to say before the man bowed and smiled.
“Jessica, welcome.”
She didn’t think so. His voice rumbled through her, and set off a minor earthquake in her clit. She didn’t welcome it. Cocoa, a good book and her yellow duck jammies had never seemed more of a good idea than then. 

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Happy reading,

love Raven xx


  1. I don't think she'll be getting cocoa or PJs where she's going.

  2. Hee. Sounds like Jess is in for a night of it. Great tease, Raven!

  3. I agree. No PJs tonight... Great tease!