Wednesday, 30 May 2018

#MidWeekTease with thoughts on a dress

Hi all welcome to #MidWeekTease, 

which today is brought to you courtesy of my not yet published but got the cover art for my next book in the Naughty Forties series, DeAnne's Dilemma


What’s a woman to do when her far too sexy ex offers to scratch that itch? Go with it, of course, even if it does mean doing the dirty in a cupboard at her best friend’s wedding.
Deanne has never got over her separation from Quinn, so when she’s confronted with him at this wedding, feelings bubble to the surface for them both.
This time she is going to fight for the man she loves, and woe betide anyone who gets in her way.
Together, Quinn and DeAnne will overcome all odds... won’t they?

and your tease~~~

How on earth could I feel sexy, wearing an all in one, holdy-in, pants-girdle-underwear torture thingy? It was designed to cut off circulation worn under the bridesmaid’s dress from hell, with my sodding still handsome as hades, movie star, ex-husband smirking next to me, and I swear that man has x-ray eyes.
Yes, that is a hold your breath spit it out, nonsensical sentence, it needs to be to let me vent.
Not only that, as if it wasn’t enough to contend with, the world's press were in helicopters, circling above us like a swarm of angry bees. The bride was in tears of joy, the groom, an equally handsome but TV star not movies ditto. Everyone but me was drowning in happy, clappy, wedding heaven.
I swear if I could have ducked out, developed a rash, fever, even invented some hitherto undiscovered illness I would. 
Except the bride my best friend and a doctor to boot would tell me not to be a hypochondriac, and remind me we'd sworn as kids to be each other's maid or matron of honour, come what may. Even she’d said darkly, if one of us was in labor. Not that I was but wouldn’t that have been fun? I could just imagine it, pant, pant don’t push, say it... I do...argh...
Anyway, I digress. I plead guilty to that, it’s sort of in my nature. And after all if I’d been doing it for over forty years. I wasn’t likely to change now.
So, Sandy, today’s bride had flown back from somewhere exotic to be my only bridesmaid for my first—and as far as I’m concerned only time around—wedding.
Once bitten and all that.


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love Raven xx


  1. Love her voice! It's catching...

  2. Love that cover, Raven :-)

  3. Love the story line you have going here. Love the cover, too.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it, Raven! Fantastic tease!

  5. Love the humour. Great teaser.