Sunday, 27 May 2018

#SexySnippets with a thought about men

Hi all, 

It's #SexySnippets time. Seven sentences from a book or WIP.

This week, I thought I'd tease you from a story that is, shall we say, simmering...

 (Souce pinterest, both this and pic below)

The problem with men is they really don't think things through, not like us women. I mean it's fine to set your alarm, five minutes before you need to get up and press the snooze button, if that's what rocks your boat.

It's not so fine  when you go right back to sleep, wake up ten minutes after the time you should have caught your train to the airport, and wake me up to take you.

Especially when a, you've not finished packing, b, I'm not coming with you (because if I had been this situation wouldn't have arisen), and c, it's only 4.45 am.

Which is why I'm on a triple shot expresso and wondering how the hell my beloved ever gets anywhere on time. 

And swearing that next time he can sort himself out, and be late or not get to where he's going. 

No, okay, I'm a sucker and I wouldn't do that to him, but ggrrr... It's just as well I love him, irritating habits and all. 

Did I tell you about the time we...


Oops no sentences left to share more wink

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Happy reading, love Raven xx

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  1. Lol, you have me all intrigued, I have to say :)