Sunday, 6 May 2018


Welcome to this week's, #SexySnippets

Where my hero had a hangover and wonders just what he's agreed to...

Being woken at 6am by your still slightly drunk boss wasn’t the best way to start the day—nor did his information help the raging headache Clive suffered. He blinked, rubbed his eyes and scowled at the phone in his hand.
‘You bloody what?’
‘Said we’ll be the cabaret next year, it’ll be fun.’
That depended on a person’s idea of fun Clive thought, because knowing Tony they’d be doing the full Monty, kecks off, balls on display. ‘As in how, Tony? Remember we’re all married respectable businessmen.’ Well most of them anyway. 

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  1. I'm all sorts of intrigued. Great snippet, Raven :)